Generous donation from Monday Morning Quarterback Club To Children’s of Alabama—about their new helicopter

QB1 in all of its glory.
QB1 in all of its glory. Photo via Monday Morning Quarterback Club

For over 80 years, the Monday Morning Quarterback Club has been championing charities across the Birmingham area. From a shared love of football, these individuals truly know the value of teamwork on and off the field—and it starts with a spark of generosity.

Keep reading to see how these heroes at MMQC are giving back to the community with a generous helicopter donation to Children’s of Alabama.

The chopper in action

A closer look at Children's of Alabama's new helicopter.
A closer look at Children’s of Alabama’s new helicopter. Photo via Monday Morning Quarterback Club

With a portion of the 1.4 million they’ve raised over 2020, the organization has donated this helicopter, pictured above, to Children’s of Alabama. Named QB1 after the organization, this donation will make an impact in the Birmingham community, and especially to the present and future patients at Children’s of Alabama.

This new chopper was spotted Wednesday night after it’s formal unveiling. It will allow the Children’s of Alabama staff to provide lifesaving transport statewide to Children’s’ critical care teams.

Through hard work and dedication, members of MMQC get to see the fruits of their labor pay off in big ways. This way, perhaps, is one of the biggest of all.

When you talk to any member of Monday Morning Quarterback Club, they’ll tell you their motto instantly:

“Football brought them together, fundraising sets them apart.”

That couldn’t be more true of a statement. We’re so excited to see how this new donation changes lives of Alabama families.

Monday Morning Quarterback Club and Children’s of Alabama’s partnership goes way back

Monday Morning Quarterback Club's sign out front of Children's of Alabama.
Monday Morning Quarterback Club’s sign out front of Children’s of Alabama. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

It’s no secret that these two organizations have worked in close proximity since the organization’s founding in 1939. In fact, their charitable arm was renamed Quarterbacking Children’s Health Foundation in 2020 to give the community a little more insight into what they do.

This sign is located right outside Children’s of Alabama on the corner of 16th Street and features a true piece of history. With a giant football on top of the dedication, it’s hard to miss. Although there are words surrounding all four sides, the most famous inscription is ” “The Hospital that Football Built.” You’ve got to check it out, Birmingham.

Clear skies ahead

What’s ahead for Monday Morning Quarterback Club? They are currently halfway through their annual Fall fundraiser with a goal of $1.175 million, raised every football season. This money will then be distributed to 28 organizations.

Wanting to make a donation? Check out their website for more information, plus find out how you can support.

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