5 ways to Celebrate Children’s of Alabama + 110 years of caring for our state’s most vulnerable


Celebrate Children's
Who do you celebrate for? Share it with Children’s of Alabama by posting a photo and using the hashtag #CelebrateChildrensAL. Photo via Children’s of Alabama

As the only freestanding medical center in Alabama that’s solely dedicated to the treatment and care of children, Children’s of Alabama is a powerhouse in our state. We can’t think of a better year to go big for an organization that cares for our smallest residents. See how you can celebrate the hospital’s 110th anniversary and the many ways they’re making a difference.

Celebrate Children’s of Alabama and over a century of care

See that house on the left? It was the original Children’s of Alabama hospital. You can tell by the photographs that the institution has grown a lot since 1911—which is when Children’s of Alabama first started providing specialized medical care for ill and injured children.

Today, Children’s is one of the 10 busiest pediatric hospitals in the US! They’re nationally recognized every year, including receiving the prestigious “Excellence in Patient Experience-Pediatric” award from NRC Health.

baby 5 ways to Celebrate Children's of Alabama + 110 years of caring for our state's most vulnerable
Fun fact: Children’s uses 4,000 crayons per week and 208,000 per year.🖍 Photo via Children’s of Alabama

After a year of intense strain caring for sick children during a global pandemic, Children’s has even more reason to celebrate their 110th anniversary. Grace Graffeo, the development coordinator at Children’s, is excited to help host celebrations as a way to connect the entire community that the hospital serves.

“The most important part about Children’s is the work that happens here every single day, and not just at the actual hospital location. We have clinics all across the state, and we are serving any and every child that needs our help.

Grace Bingham Graffeo, Development Coordinator, Children’s of Alabama

Did you know Children’s of Alabama…

  • Completes 10 heart transplants per year
  • Treats over 90% of children diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders in Alabama
  • Had 567,744 patient visits to its clinic and 12,334 patient admissions in 2020

“I am drawn to this work because I get to be a little piece of the children’s story, and having a way to help give back to an institution that is so vital in our state.

We care for kids all over and seeing the impact that our community has been able to have at Children’s and what they have been able to do for the children in our care is what keeps me coming back to work every single day.”

Grace Graffeo

5 ways to #CelebrateChildrensAL

While we Celebrate Children’s outside the hospital, a patient party will be happening on the inside. Thanks to Chick-fil-A, the Child Life team is hosting a COVID safe in-patient celebration. Patients can enjoy distanced play, a photo booth and, of course, the famous Chick-fil-A cow for an Instagram-worthy photo op.

“We are so grateful to have amazing support statewide— patient’s families, community supporters, donors, employees. There is so much love around Children’s, and we really wanted to maximize on that.”

Grace Graffeo

1. Share your story on social media

Last year, Children’s wasn’t able to host the big party they’d hoped. But in return, they got an outpouring of support from social media when they took their 109th anniversary to celebrate healthcare heroes in addition to incredible patient families.

“That was during the time when the entire world was celebrating frontline workers for the sacrifices they were making in their own lives to care for the lives of others. That is really how Celebrate Children’s of Alabama bloomed. We wanted to encourage our frontline workers, and thank them for the exceptional care they were providing for our patients every single day.”

Grace Graffeo 

This year, they’re maximizing on that sentiment and inviting friends, employees, patients and community supporters to share their love and appreciation for Children’s using the hashtag #CelebrateChildrensAL.

Get started:

  1. Fill out an “I Celebrate for…” sign
  2. Strike a post for the photo holding your sign 📸
  3. Post it on social media with the hashtag #CelebrateChildrensAL and don’t forget to tag Children’s of Alabama on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2. Host a virtual event

Create an individual fundraising team, form a team or join another group’s efforts to see who can raise the most money for Children’s. Start by asking friends and family to donate. Or, find a creative way to raise money such as hosting a car wash and asking your favorite restaurant to host a give-back event.

3. Decorate for Celebrate

Celebrate Children's
When you put one of the signs in your yard, you’re sharing your support for Children’s of Alabama and their patients. Photo via Children’s of Alabama

Make a donation of $50 to Children’s and you’ll receive some sweet lawn decorations in return. With help from the Allstate Foundation, this initiative is statewide! So, be on the lookout for blue bows and yard signs in your neighborhood and Celebrate Children’s together.

4. Give a gift

You don’t want to show up to a birthday party without a gift. You can donate at any time, but mark your calendars for June 9. Children’s is hosting a Day of Giving where they encourage $10 donations to be made in honor of Children’s 110th birthday.

5. Support local businesses that give back to Children’s

We love multitasking and this anniversary is providing a way to support local businesses and families. These Birmingham businesses are giving back to Children’s of Alabama during June:

Find out more ways to celebrate through the website and follow them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for updates.

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