Google grants $100K to 3 startups in the Magic City

Google for Startups virtually granted 50 business throughout the state. Photo via Google for startups

Business is BOOMING! Google for Startups selected three Birmingham businesses for the Black Founders Fund—their initiative rewarding high-potential Black entrepreneurs. Keep reading to learn how these three Birmingham companies plan to use the funds.

What is Google for Startups?

Google for Startups’ mission is to level the playing field for startup founders and communities to succeed. They do this by bringing the best of Google’s products, connections and best practices to startup companies.

The Black Founders Fund initiative selects startups through identification of suitable recipients in partner communities—also through direct nominations from past recipients.

“The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund embodies our mission of helping underrepresented founders grow their business. We are excited to continue the fund and contribute non-dilutive funding to Black founders, who currently receive less than 1% of total VC funding.”

Jewel Burks Soloman, Head, Google for Startups U.S.

A bonus? Those selected will also have member access to advisors that provide technical and business mentorships. Now, here are the Magic City businesses that received this year’s grant.

1. Acclinate

black founders fund
These companies are changing healthcare. Photo via Google for Startups

Acclinate is a digital healthcare company that expands clinical trials by integrating culture and technology. The company assists healthcare organizations in predominately Black communities to better reflect the populations they serve.

“The Google for Startups Black Founder Fund represents an inflection point for our company. The support will be used to further accelerate our AI/ML platform and effectively scale to meets the needs of our enterprise clients.”

Del Smith, CEO & Co-Founder, Acclinate

With this program, healthcare can take a step toward more inclusive, accurate clinical research and gives these communities better healthcare options.

2. Mixtroz

black founders fund
Do you struggle with virtual networking? Photo via Google for Startups

Mixtroz is an online platform where users can create customized gatherings and plans to use the grant to facilitate easier virtual networking. The startup strives to ease awkward virtual networking and provide a platform where meaningful human interaction takes place.

“The Google for Startups Black Founder Fund further validates the existence of the problem we solve and our solution. The support will be used to amplify our reach as we prepare to introduce our new product to a national audience across events, enterprise and education.”

Ashlee Ammons, Founder, Mixtroz

3. SynsorMed

black founders fund
They are easing tension for the elderly. Photo via Google for Startups

SynsorMed is a digital healthcare company that provides culturally relevant monitoring for underserved communities. SynsorMed uses mobile monitoring to keep discharged patients and healthcare workers connected.

“As a growing digital health startup focused on a large elderly population, we knew applying to Google for Startups would be extremely helpful in our future marketing toward disrupting traditional healthcare at home. This support comes at a critical time and will be used to hire key employees, expand into new markets and build strong brand recognition.”

Theo Harvey, CEO & Co-Founder, SynsorMed

The company will put their grant to use in offering remote patient monitoring and chronic care management for healthcare organizations.

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