Troy and LBWCC’s practical agreement to help transfer students

the signing of troy and lbwcc agreement
The people that made the agreement happen. Photo via Joey Meredith/Troy University

Good news for education majors at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College (LBWCC). Troy University has signed an agreement with LBWCC that makes transferring even easier. Read more for all the info on how you can transfer.

Transferring has never been easier

troy university
This could be you. Photo via Troy University’s Facebook

Are you an education major at LBWCC wanting to get your four-year degree? You’re in luck because this agreement makes enrolling and transferring to Troy seamless. The goal of this agreement is to remove any barriers, so students can get to their careers on time.

Who can apply?

The enrollment and transfer process is available to those studying:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Collaborative Education

Removing barriers

agreement for TROY and LBWCC
Want to be a Trojan? Photo via Troy Univeristy

LBWCC students can apply for concurrent enrollment. What exactly does concurrent mean? If you’re enrolled in any education courses, then you can also take courses at Troy at the same time. In fact, you can take up to 18 credit hours as long as they’re related to your course of study.

You’re also guaranteed admission to Troy if you complete the LBWCC program. What if you transfer to Troy before you complete your associate’s? The associate’s degree can still be awarded to you if the required courses are taken at Troy.

More to look for

Troy and LBWCC are aiming to break down even more barriers for students. They’re hoping that they can also transfer technical credits towards a B.S. in Occupational Education at Troy. We’re excited to see what they’ll come up with.

With a need for teachers in Alabama, this is a smart move for Troy and LBWCC. Get teaching Bama!

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