3 JeffCo road projects that will keep you moving


Jefferson County roads and transportation crews are doing important work—learn how
These projects may slow you down in the short term, but they’ll be worth it. Photo via Bham Now

Jefferson County Roads and Transportation is gearing up for three major projects designed to improve traffic in Trussville, Irondale and McCalla. We spoke with Cal Markert, Deputy County Manager and Heather Carter, Director of Roads and Transportation—keep reading for all the details.

Jefferson County Roads and Transportation is getting ready for three big projects. Yes, there will be delays while they’re happening, but in the end, traffic should be smooth like butter. 

  • Trussville: North Chalkville Road Project
  • Irondale: Grants Mill Road Roundabout Project
  • McCalla: McAdory Roundabout Project

1. North Chalkville Road

North Chalkville Road project
North Chalkville Road. Photo via Jefferson County
  • Where: North Chalkville Road + Chalkville Mountain Road between Midway Church Road + Oak Street
  • What’s happening: 
    • Widening North Chalkville Road with additional lanes from I-59 to Boulder Drive
    • Adding turn lanes to Green Drive and Pineview Road
    • Red light synchronization over I-59 and up Chalkville Mountain Road where the heavy retail side is
  • Cost: $8.6M
  • What it’s near: Trussville Shopping Center + the Trussville Promenade
  • Why it matters: this should improve traffic movement in an area that typically backs up.

2. Grants Mill Road

Grants Mill Road project
Grants Mill Road project. Photo via Jefferson County
  • Where: Grants Mill Road between I-459 and Old Leeds Road
  • What’s happening: 
    • Widening Grants Mill Road from Grants Wood Road to Old Leeds Road to four lanes
    • Replacing the stoplight at the intersection of Grants Mill + Old Leeds Road with a roundabout
    • Improving intersections at Grants Mill, Old Leeds and Karl Daly
    • Putting stoplights on both sides where you exit 459 onto Grants Mill Road
  • Cost: $9.6M
  • What it’s near: the coming-soon Irondale Publix, EWTN and Church of the Highlands
  • Why it matters: “It’s going to help move traffic through that intersection and make the connectivity through Irondale, Birmingham and the county a whole lot better.” —Cal Markert
  • What you need to know: the construction phase will be long and difficult, and it will cause delays, so the county asks for everyone’s patience along the way. 

3. McAdory School Road + Old Tuscaloosa Highway

McAdory project
McAdory School Road project. Photo via Jefferson County
  • Where: the intersection of Old Tuscaloosa Highway and McAdory School Road
  • What’s happening:
    • Turning the intersection into a roundabout
    • Adding additional traffic calming measures + signage so everyone can get used to the traffic shift
  • Cost: $300,000.00
  • What it’s near: 459 + McAdory High School
  • Why it matters: Traffic in the vicinity has driven the need for intersection improvements. Because of its location, the intersection is well suited for a roundabout. 
  • What you need to know: “We think it’ll be much safer than a red light. Red lights have much higher fatality rates. It’ll take people a few minutes to get used to it, but then it’ll move traffic very efficiently and safely.” —Cal Markert

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