Here’s how one local biz provides families with hope + comfort—you can, too


La-Z-Boy owner Curt Morris with Ronald McDonald House children
Curt Morris, owner of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Birmingham, is passionate about supporting these kids. Photo (taken pre-COVID) via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

When children are in the hospital, their families have plenty to worry about. Finding a comfortable place to stay should be the last thing on their minds. One local business, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Birmingham, is making the Ronald McDonald House a wonderful place to stay with gifts of furniture and ongoing assistance. Check out how you can support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama (RMHCA) today, too.

Additional footage was captured before COVID-19.

Ronald McDonald House gives children + families a comfortable place to stay for free

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama keeps families together by providing a free home near Birmingham’s Children’s of Alabama. Beyond giving families a place to stay, RMHCA gives them delicious meals and community support from families going through similar struggles.

“Families will cry together, they’ll laugh together and they’ll hope together. That’s the best we can do here at the Ronald McDonald House.”

Katherine Estes Billmeier, CEO, RMHCA 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House look a little different, but it’s no less necessary. Whether you order a catered meal for the guest families staying in the House or you gift a free stay to a family, you can have a part in helping families.

Make an impact and gift a night

Ronald McDonald House child
Every family deserves a cozy place to relax. Photo via Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama

Thanks to an anonymous donor, your gift to RMHCA will be matched. That means that now’s the perfect time to give back. Whether you give $10 or $1,000, your donation will help families who are going through their biggest struggles.

Wanna know why each donation is so important? When you donate $125, you’re helping RMHCA provide one night to a family. Every donation makes sure that families can continue receiving this necessary support—for free.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Birmingham knows how important a comfortable home is

Ronald McDonald House
The Ronald McDonald House is a welcoming home for anyone who needs it. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Birmingham has been a national partner of the Ronald McDonald House for over a decade, and they’ve supported them locally for seven years.

Curt Morris and his team have served warm family meals, donated over $50,000 worth of furniture to the home and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve stepped up however they can to give families a feeling of comfort.

Of course, it makes sense that the store that’s been the source of comfortable furniture in Birmingham for over 28 years understands how important it is for your home to be comfortable. When they’re relaxing and laughing together in the Ronald McDonald House, these families have one less thing to worry about.

Love supporting local businesses that give back as much as we do? Head to one of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Birmingham’s three local locations:

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