Crumbl Cookies, Plenty of Vino + 3 more openings you don’t want to miss

Start your Sunday off with delicious brunch and a sweet treat.
Start your Saturday off with delicious brunch and a sweet treat. Photo via Edgar’s Bakery Facebook

There is lots to love about this city and no shortage of new things to try. It’s a good thing that Birmingham is poppin’ with new places to add to your list or to help keep all of your foodie friends on their toes. Check out some of our favorite Birmingham openings this week!

1. Uncle G’s Pizza

Now that's a real Detroit style pizza!
Uncle G’s is bringing the deep dish flavor to Birmingham. Photo via Uncle G’s Pizza’s Facebook

Known as the only authentic Detroit style pizza truck in Birmingham, Uncle G’s is where it’s at. Go classic with Ty’s pepperoni or spice it up with The Dal Giardino (a veggie white pie—Uncle G’s favorite). Preorder your pie today and look for the classic red food truck at The Old Pottery in Pelham to try some of that deep dish deliciousness.

2. Crumbl Cookies

The Vestavia Hills Crumbl team excited to open.
The Vestavia Hills Crumbl team excited to open. Photo via Crumbl. Cookies- Vestavia Hills’ Facebook

Calling all cookie connoisseurs— Crumbl Cookies is officially open at Vestavia City Center. They not only offer curbside pickup, but also have delivery options if you are ever in need of a sweet treat in the middle of a work day—myself included). Their weekly rotating menu includes cookies + Crumbl Cream (their amazing cookie flavors translated to ice cream), so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

3. The Son of a Butcher

Evans Meat and Seafood
Sons of Butcher at Pepper Place. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

There’s a new butcher in town, Bham. Check out The Son of a Butcher in Pepper Place for all your summer grilling needs. With a huge variety of meats, cured meats and cheeses, The Son of A Butcher is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to impress your friends on your next Charcuterie night.

4. Edgar’s Bakery- Homewood

Look at those famous lemon bars!
Look at those famous lemon bars! Photo via Edgar’s Bakery’s Facebook

A Birmingham staple has made its way to Homewood. Edgar’s is the perfect mix of where your breakfast and lunch spot meets your hometown bakery. From the occasional pick-me-up to the specialty cakes and desserts, Edgar’s has pretty much mastered the art of all things tasty.

5. Plenty of Vino

Wine + plants is a good combo in our book.
Have you ever seen a prettier combo? Photo via Plenty of Vino’s Facebook

A wine + beer shop filled with plants and vintage decor? Count us in. Plenty of Vino is opening Saturday, July 10, in the Patton Chapel Plaza, and we could not be more excited to roam the aisles in search of that perfect bottle of wine and maybe a plant or two to take home. Get ready to make your next wine run a fun one.

That’s all we’ve got for now, Birmingham. Want the latest on all things opening? Subscribe to our FREE newsletter here.

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Olivia Moses
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