Fresh, Fried + Crispy is bringing 3 Birmingham restaurants to Netflix on June 9

little london kitchen
Fresh, Fried and Crispy will take a tour of Birmingham’s fried food. Photo via Little London Kitchen’s Facebook

Netflix’s new show, “Fresh, Fried and Crispy” airs this month with an episode dedicated entirely to The Magic City. Keep reading to get the scoop on “Fresh, Fried and Crispy” and when you can catch the episode.

Spotlight on Birmingham

little london truck
Little London Kitchen is featured on the new Netflix show. Photo via Claire Hancock for Bham Now

In Netflix’s upcoming series, “Fresh, Fried and Crispy,” The Magic City will have an episode all to itself. Food critic Daym Drops will give viewers a tour of Birmingham as he hunts for the best fried food in town.

The show will feature three Birmingham-area restaurants and their take on “fresh, fried and crispy” food:

Yo Mama’s in downtown Birmingham features a variety of Southern food, from shrimp and grits to chicken and waffles. Little London Kitchen serves up London-style cuisine like fish and chips and beef stew from a double-decker bus, and now a pub in Homewood. Pursell Farms in Sylacauga is a wedding and getaway destination that also makes a mean Southern spread for guests.

“Keep it crispy”

“Keep it crispy”. Video via Netflix

Hosted by food critic Daym Drops (side note: what a cool name), “Fresh, Fried and Crispy” is a new Netflix series that spotlights the best fried food in the US. Drops travels around the US to taste test and review exciting local cuisines.

According to the show’s preview: “Passionate about food and ready for fun, critic Daym Drops drops in on America’s smokin’ hot spots for the best, freshest takes on fried food.”

Drops began filming food reviews in his car in 2009, and his following has grown exponentially since then, culminating in the new show on one of the largest streaming platforms in the world.

Other cities Drops heads to in the series include San Diego, Cleveland, Denver, Baltimore, and Savannah.

Coming soon

yo mama's
The crispy chicken and waffles at Yo Mama’s could be one of the dishes Drops checks out. Photo via Yo Mama’s Facebook.

The new show’s first season airs June 9 on Netflix. The Birmingham episode number is still unknown, but I know that will be the first thing I’m watching that day (even if it’s out of order).

And here’s hoping Drops loves The Magic City so much that we get an encore episode in Season Two.

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