Grab a delectable grilled cheese at these 15 un-brie-lievable local spots

Ashley Mac's grilled cheese pull
A sandwich that’s cheesy on the eyes. (Jacob Blankenship/Bham Now)

This guide was originally created in April 2021 and was last updated in April 2022.

Each year on April 12, we celebrate an American icon—the grilled cheese sandwich. Whether you like it simple or overloaded with extras, we can all agree that nothing is cheddar than chowing down on one of these ooey-gooey bad boys. Looking for a place to cheese the day in Birmingham? Read on for 15 local spots to grab the classic favorite.


Melt mac and cheese grilled cheese
This mac and cheese grilled cheese looks so gouda. (MELT)

True to its name, MELT offers a wide variety of cheesy goodness for every palette. My personal favorite is the Mac Melt—a classic grilled cheese with mac and cheese nestled between two slices of Texas Toast. Dreams really do come true.

2. Crestline Bagel Company

Crestline Bagel Company grilled cheese
Cheese Louise, this grilled cheese on homemade focaccia bread with tomato soup looks good. (Crestline Bagel Company)

You probably know and love Crestline Bagel Company for their award-winning breakfast, but have you tried their equally delicious grilled cheese sandwich? You can’t go wrong with Vermont cheddar, baby swiss and gruyere melted to perfection on homemade focaccia.

3. Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

Jack Brown's grilled cheese
It doesn’t get feta than this. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Did you know you can get one of the most popular burgers from Jack Browns in grilled cheese form? The Frankie Brady comes with homemade mac and cheese and barbecue potato chips for the perfect crunch, plus, you can wash it all down with your fave beer.

4. Paramount

Chow down on a sourdough grilled cheese with cheddar, mozzarella and savory tomato jam, then hit the arcade for some fun. Sounds like a childhood dream.

5. Ashley Mac’s

Ashley Mac's grilled cheese
Set your mind at cheese. (Jacob Blankenship/Bham Now)

Sometimes, you can’t beat the classics. I mean, just look at that cheese pull!

6. Diplomat Deli

Diplomat Deli grilled cheese with chili
I’ll stop the world and melt with Diplomat Deli’s grilled cheese. (Diplomat Deli)

Diplomat Deli has been serving up comfort food since 1982, and their classic grilled cheese is no exception. Pair it with a hot cup of chili and you’ve got yourself a meal.

7. Al’s Deli & Grill

Al's Deli & Grill
Al’s Deli and Grill. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Al’s Deli & Grill is everyone’s favorite late-night food stop. They have killer Mediterranean food and a grilled cheese that’ll hit the spot without breaking the bank.

8. Sammy’s Sandwich Shop

Sidney Bajjalieh of Sammy’s Sandwich Shop in Woodlawn. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Sammy’s Sandwich Shop was named Alabama’s Best Burger, so you can trust that they can make a gnarly grilled cheese. Get it for just $2.65.

9. Scott’s Koneys

If you’re on the hunt for a welcoming, no-frills spot that’ll serve you up a classic grilled cheese, allow me to introduce you to Scott’s Koneys.

10. Salem’s Diner

Salem's Diner Homewood Alabama
Salem’s Diner in Homewood. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Although they’re known for their crowd-pleasing Philly cheesesteaks, Salem’s offers a yummy grilled cheese as well. Make it a combo to top it off with fries and a drink.

11. The Garage

The Garage Grab a delectable grilled cheese at these 15 un-brie-lievable local spots
Sweet dreams are made of cheese. (Bham Now)

The Garage won a Nowie for Bham’s Best Kept Secret, there’s nothing hush-hush about how downright tasty their sandwiches are. Grab a grilled cheese and enjoy it in their beautiful courtyard.

12. Collins Bar

Collins Bar Grab a delectable grilled cheese at these 15 un-brie-lievable local spots
Have your cocktail and your grilled cheese too. (Collins Bar)

What better time to indulge in a grilled cheese than when you’re sippin’ on a handcrafted cocktail?

13. Greenhouse

You’re in gouda hands with this warm and toasty grilled cheese, filled with smoked gouda, cheddar, mozzarella and GH Chimichurri on Birmingham Breadworks Sourdough.

14. Gilchrist

Gilchrist Mountain Brook
Gilchrist in Mountain Brook. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

Conveniently located in the heart of Mountain Brook, stop by Gilchrist for your grilled cheese fix.

15. Birmingham Breadworks

What’s better than a grilled pimento cheese sandwich? A grilled pimento cheese sandwich on fresh, homemade bread.

Contributors to this guide include Cecilia Wood and Gabby Gervais.

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