Helena explodes with new business—including StoneCreek Dental Care’s expansion


StoneCreek Dental Care Helena
StoneCreek Dental Care expanded to Helena and is enjoying watching the area take off. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

If you haven’t been out to Helena lately, it’s time to take a trip. As more and more people move to the area, businesses continue expanding. We caught up with one, the team at StoneCreek Dental Care Helena, to learn how they’re bringing benefits to the booming area.

Dr. Matthew Rurka and Dr. Taylor Banks love seeing Helena grow

Dr. Rurka joined StoneCreek Dental Care Helena in October. Even in that short amount of time, he’s seen the area come to life.

“You can tell it is growing like crazy—even in six months. It’s definitely a desired spot to be. I feel even more now that it’s a growing community. So, if it hadn’t been getting recognition for a while, it definitely is showing through the growth so far.”

Dr. Matthew Rurka

While Dr. Rurka grew up in a suburb of Chicago and attended school in Louisville, KY, Dr. Taylor Banks is from Hoover.

He’s able to appreciate this part of the city’s growth over the past decade. Dr. Banks came on to the practice only a month ago, but between the area and the patients, it’s been a positive four weeks and he’s looking forward to many more.

“I used to drive through here when I was younger, and it is way different than what it was 10 years ago. So far, it’s been fun—I’ve enjoyed it. The patients have been great and it’s been a really good experience.”

Dr. Taylor Banks

Dr. Rurka and Banks’ Helena recs:

  • To eat: The Depot Deli & Grill 🍔
  • To drink: Helena Nutrition
  • To enjoy: Old Town Helena

StoneCreek Dental Care Helena is becoming a staple for residents

The people make the place and the StoneCreek Dental Care Helena team enjoys the close-knit community between their staff and doctors, as well as the patients. 

“We try to find out about the patients and make sure it’s more than just the dentistry part. I think we do a good job of making them feel comfortable and at ease—like they’re part of our family here.

Dr. Taylor Banks

When you enter the office, it has an intimate and friendly feel. Between the welcoming staff and doctors who take time to learn about you and your dental health, it’s easy to see why patients start to feel like family.

Plus, with locations across Alabama like Hoover, Birmingham and Morris, there are vast resources available for the doctors. No one is left on a life raft if they’re looking for any kind of assistance and in-turn that reflects on the amazing care you receive at StoneCreek Dental Care. 

“StoneCreek Dental Care Helena has that private practice feel. Patients feel like they’re getting that private practice environment setting. But it still has a company feeling where if we or someone else in the company needs assistance, we’re willing to help out.”

Dr. Matthew Rurka

A wealth of knowledge

Like Dr. Rurka mentioned, everyone on the team is more than happy to jump in and assist team members. With an expansive operation, StoneCreek Dental Care is also able to provide quality recommendations if you’re looking for further care.

For example, the team covers many different treatment plans from fillings and crown extractions to root canals and Invisalign. If it’s a more complex situation, like removing your wisdom teeth, you can feel relaxed knowing StoneCreek Dental Care is going to put you in good hands.

“We have great partners that we refer patients to who have great success and take really good care of our patients as well.”

Dr. Rurka

From Helena and beyond

Dr. Ann O’Rear is another integral part of the StoneCreek Dental Care Helena team and its vault of knowledge. Her over two decades of experience in the field provides instrumental care to the practice, its patients and staff.

Moving from her own practice in Pelham, Dr. O’Rear appreciates the great benefits StoneCreek Dental Care has when it comes to support for the doctors.

“The support doctors received from other dentists at StoneCreek give us a good background. If there’s something we’re unsure of, there are multiple people we can call.

I had to develop that as a private practitioner with a specialist—here it comes like a hand in glove. I think patients who come here will be able to get a lot of their treatment.”

Dr. Ann O’Rear

Learn more about the StoneCreek Dental Care Helena team and check out other locations through their websiteFacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter.

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