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StoneCreek Dental Care
Dr. Jordan (left) and Dr. MacWilliam (right) of StoneCreek Dental Care in Hoover. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

It might take two to tango, but it takes a team to make dentist’s appointments enjoyable. Dr. Jordan and Dr. MacWilliam are well on their way to bringing an exceptional experience to each patient who walks into StoneCreek Dental Care’s newest Hoover office. The comfortable ease and vital knowledge that accompanies each visit are due in part to the bigger picture of dentists and support staff working alongside them.

A little home in Hoover

I can honestly say I’ve never walked into a dentist’s office and thought, “This is so cozy!” StoneCreek Dental Care’s new Hoover practice replaces flickering fluorescent bulbs with beautiful natural lighting and vinyl seat cushions with plush fabrics.

  • Where: 1598 Montgomery Highway Hoover, AL 35216
  • Contact: Call | Website

Once the pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named is finally over, patients will be able to enjoy drinks, a popcorn machine and other fun perks that’ll make you look forward to sitting in the dentist’s chair. It’s not just the office putting patients in a better mindset, though. Dr. Jordan and Dr. MacWilliam are steps ahead of the curve of making oral health less scary and more of a priority.

Dr. Kyle Jordan—1+ years with StoneCreek Dental Care

Dr. Jordan of StoneCreek Dental Care
Dr. Kyle Jordan. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

What’s your experience been like with StoneCreek Dental Care?

“It’s been fantastic! What’s amazing is that a lot of dentists are on their own, but with StoneCreek Dental Care you have so many different dentists, of all ages and in various areas of Birmingham. There are a ton of different people to reach out to to see what they’re going through. It’s been awesome just getting that much experience and wisdom.”

How is StoneCreek Dental taking it to the next level?

You want it, they got it. StoneCreek Dental keeps it traditional when it comes to patient care, but is fast-forwarding to the future in all things tech.

“We’ve got an awesome 3D cone beam machine. It allows us to see all the typical images that you normally see in 2D at the dentist in 3D here. The office also has portable x-rays and TVs where we can project the x-rays up on the CVs. Plus, we’re getting more in-tune with text messaging and filling out paperwork online to streamline each patient’s visit.”

What’s one of your biggest takeaways since working here?

“The patient comes first at StoneCreek Dental Care. One thing I’m really focused on is relationship-based dentistry, where we are really focused on the patient and we build that relationship before even talking about teeth.

I feel like that’s what Dr. Beasley and Dr. Barnes have built here. We start by asking, ‘What can we do to take the anxiety out of the picture and make patients feel really comfortable in this environment?'”

Fast Facts

  • Education: Dr. Jordan chose to go to Midwestern Dental School in Illinois where he received one-on-one training with all Dental Specialists in one of the most high-tech schools in the nation.
  • Outside the office: He enjoys helping contribute to his wife’s home renovation company. “I like getting to do that on the weekend because then I’m part of the fun stuff.”
  • Did you know: Dr. Jordan uses his Minor in Medical Missions to lead trips to Guatemala and Honduras and work with local dentists and physicians.

Dr. Michael MacWilliam
—4+ years with StoneCreek Dental Care

Dr. MacWilliam of StoneCreek Dental Care
Dr. Michael MacWilliam. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

What’s your experience been like with StoneCreek Dental Care?

“It’s always been if you treat the patients right and do the right things, the success will come from that—rather than the other way around. It’s been a good experience to grow with the team. I’ve not only expanded my knowledge of dentistry from what StoneCreek Dental Care has taught me, but also my knowledge of running a business and practicing dentistry at the same time.”

How is StoneCreek Dental Care taking it to the next level?

“The line of communication between offices and their respective dentists has progressed even further in the last year. We’ve picked up a lot of support staff who make sure everyone is dotting their Is and crossing their Ts—doing the best for their patient.”

What’s one of your biggest takeaways since working here?

Dr. MacWilliam joined StoneCreek Dental Care about four years ago when it was just one or two practices, so he’s had a first-row seat to watching the company provide something grander than your average teeth cleaning.

“I’ve gotten to see them grow into their shell. In the beginning, you try to tackle too much, as the investors, owners and dentists. But, as Dr. Barnes and Dr. Beasley grew you could see they were figuring out the exact path they wanted to take.

I thought it was really cool that they took the path that was more patient-centered—do things by the book, do things kosher and keep everything on the right line.”

Fast Facts

  • Education: Dr. MacWilliam obtained his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from UAB School of Dentistry and his Bachelors in Science from the University of Alabama.
  • Outside the office: Anything outdoors has Dr. MacWilliam’s name written on it—especially golf.
  • Did you know: Even though he’s been taking day trips outside the city to Little River Canyon and Bankhead National Forest, Dr. MacWilliam’s two favorite Birmingham parks are George Ward Park and Railroad Park.

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