9 places to grab delicious donuts in Birmingham, including Grateful Donuts

Six colorful donuts from Hero Doughnuts in Birmingham
It’s impossible to play favorites when every donut is this good. Photo via Cecilia Wood for Bham Now

I donut know about you, but the only thing I love more than a cheesy pun is a fun donut. If you’re looking for delicious sweet treats, you’re in luck. Here are 9 businesses around Birmingham with donuts for every occasion.

1. Donut Joe’s

Warm apple fritters from Donut Joe's in Birmingham
Waking up earlier looks a lot better when you have fresh apple fritters waiting for you. Photo via Donut Joe’s on Facebook

If you’re a fan of unique donuts, fresh coffee and a friendly atmosphere, you’ll love Donut Joe’s. They were the first to bring maple bacon donuts to Alabama a dozen years ago, so you know they’re experts of the craft.

  • Their recommendation: Maple Bacon donuts or award-winning Apple Fritters
  • Location: 3199 Lee St., Pelham, Alabama
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram
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2. Grateful Donuts

Case of different flavored donuts in Birmingham from Grateful Donuts
I’ll take one of everything, please. Photo via Grateful Donuts on Facebook

For donut lovers who try different flavors every time they order, Grateful Donuts in Gardendale will have everything you want. Got a birthday coming up? They also offer giant donut cakes.

  • Their recommendation: Key lime pie filled, fruity pebble or blueberry cake donuts
  • Location: 1021 Main St, Gardendale, AL 35071
  • Facebook | Instagram

3. Dreamcakes Cafe

Sprinkled and glazed donuts from Dreamcakes Cafe
I’ll take one of every flavor, please and thank you. Photo via Dreamcakes Cafe on Facebook

When everyone in your group wants a different dessert, Dreamcakes Cafe will be your best bet. Whether you choose a classic donut with sprinkles or you try out a hot chocolate bomb, you’ll love everything Dreamcakes Cafe has to offer.

4. Hero Doughnuts

Cecilia holding up a donut from Hero Doughnuts for Bham Now
Donuts double as photo props for Instagram and I’m not mad about it. Photo via Cecilia Wood for Bham Now

Hero Doughnuts are a Birmingham staple with a Homewood location and storefront across from Railroad Park. Plus, they’ve got a new shop coming to Trussville. Their flavors are always changing, so we don’t blame you if you’re a frequent customer.

Be sure to follow along on their social media to see “Will’s pick of the week”—a doughnut creation from Will that’s featured for 1-2 weeks.

  • Their recommendation: Bread pudding doughnuts or if you visit Friday-Sunday, their cinnamon rolls and apple fritters
  • Location: 1701 1st Ave S, Ste 135, Birmingham, AL 35233 | 3027 Central Ave, Homewood, AL 35209
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. The Heavenly Donut Co. serves delicious donuts in Birmingham

Case of different donuts from the Heavenly Donut Co in Birmingham
2021 resolution: Eat more donuts. Photo via The Heavenly Donut Co. on Facebook

Heavenly Donut Co. donuts are, in a word, heavenly. If you’re looking for donuts in Birmingham, chances are you’ll hear of the delicious options from Heavenly Donut Co.

Earlier this year, Food Network named their nutella donut one of the best donuts in America. Stop by Heavenly Donut Co. soon to see for yourself.

6. Satterfield’s Restaurant

Plate of beignets with berry sauce and ice cream from Satterfield's Restaurant
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to eat dessert first. Photo via Satterfield’s Restaurant on Facebook

If you aren’t craving donuts (though how that could be possible, I don’t know), we’ve got a few “donut-adjacent” desserts for you. Check out the irresistible beignets at Satterfield’s Restaurant after a yummy brunch or gourmet meal.

7. El ZunZún

Churros with dulce de leche from El ZunZun in Birmingham
2021 is looking sweeter already. Photo via El ZunZún on Facebook

El ZunZún serves Latin American cuisine, and their churros are hard to beat. Enjoy their fresh churros covered in cinnamon and sugar and served with mezcal infused dulce de leche.

8. Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux & Bar

Bread pudding with icing glaze from Walk-On's Bistreaux in Birmingham
This Krispy Kreme bread pudding is sweet enough to share, but you probably won’t want to. Photo via Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux on Facebook

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux & Bar might not be the first place you think of when you’re looking for donuts in Birmingham, but this dessert will change your mind. Their Krispy Kreme bread pudding is incredibly decadent and worth sharing… or diving into all on your own.

9. Dunkin’ coming soon to Cahaba Market

Cahaba Market rendering
Even more places to grab donuts in Birmingham sounds like a win to me. Photo via D & G Development Group

A new mixed-use development is proposed for Highway 280 in 2021, and donuts are a part of the plan. Cahaba Market has multiple tenants signed on and Dunkin’ is on the list. Stay tuned to our site + social channels for more updates.

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