It’s National Carrot Cake Day! Celebrate with a slice from 11 local biz

We’re starting off the list with many locals favorite spot for carrot cake—Full Moon BBQ. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

We’ve noticed zilch carrot cake promotion on our site, so we’re getting to the root 🥕of the problem and sharing our favorite spots for a slice. February 3, 2021, is National Carrot Cake Day and we can’t think of a better mid-week treat that’ll leave you with a sugar high until Friday.

1. Full Moon BBQ

Full Moon isn’t just known for its amazing BBQ. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

Deemed “The best carrot cake around” by reviewers on social media, Full Moon BBQ’s award-winning cake went straight to the top of our list. Consider adding a slice or three to your order when you’re picking up food for the next big game.

2. Edolyn’s Pies

The little carrot on top really adds to the entire aesthetic of this gorgeous cake. Photo via Edolyn’s Pies

You can never go wrong with a pie from Edolyn’s, but don’t wait until Thanksgiving to get your annual fix. Did you know they dish out cakes as well? Offering three primary flavors for cakes, we’re glad carrot is one of them.

  • Price: $6/5-inch cake
  • Location: The Pizitz Food Hall, 1821 2nd Avenue North Birmingham, AL, US 35203
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Brown Sugar Desserts by Renea

Renea’s motto is, “The best things in life are sweet,” so take advantage of the natural sweetness found in carrots just makes sense for this business. National Carrot Cake Day is the ideal time to try this cake off of the bakery’s long list.

4. Continental Bakery

Is it cake or a work of art? If you answered, “Both” you’re correct. Photo via Continental Bakery

Not only does Continental Bakery have carrot cake, they have the *world’s* best carrot cake. It says so in the title, and if you’ve tried anything at all from this bakery—especially those almond croissants— you can trust their words to be true.

Let me just drop the description below and you tell us how this sounds:

“How to describe this amazing creation? A cake that is only as much ‘cake’ as is needed to hold together the perfect blend of other ingredients: walnuts, coconut, carrots and pineapple. This blend, with an added touch of cinnamon and sugar, translates into a treasure exponentially greater than its individual parts. Substantial but tender. Caramelized overtones but not too sweet. With its cream cheese icing exterior, you might mistake it for just another carrot cake. But beware, one bite will ruin you for all others!”

  • Price: $6/slice | $13/mini | $24/medium | $44/large
  • Location: 1909 Cahaba Road Birmingham, AL, US 35223
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Magic Muffins

Magic Muffins is a local favorite for a low-fat option to the traditional breakfast item. They’re carrot crazy—selling both carrot pecan and chocolate chip zucchini carrot muffins.

6. Pastry Art Bake Shoppe

The tinier the dessert the more you can have. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

Yes, Pastry Art’s famous (or infamous, if you’re on a diet) Baby Bites come in a carrot cake flavor. They may be little, but with cream cheese frosting over carrot cake topped with crushed pecans, you won’t be left feeling jipped. This flavor is available Fridays at any quantity or by the dozen any time with 24 hour notice.

  • Price: $15.50 per dozen
  • Location: 1917 29th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35209 | 1430 Gadsden Hwy, Trussville, Al 35235
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Who Doesn’t Like Cake?

A question we never have to ask ourselves. Carrot cake may be a hit or miss for some, but we’re pretty sure this description will convert you to to a carrot cake convent:

“Freshly grated carrots, chopped walnuts, crushed pineapple and shredded coconut combined with cinnamon.”

8. The Essential

Okay, I’m switching into first-person here to tell you my personal recommendation is The Essential’s carrot cake. It’s easily the best I’ve ever had. Created with baking spices and whipped cream, this carrot cake crushes that fine line between sweet and savory.

9. Dreamcakes Bakery

Available in both cake and cupcake form. Photo via Dreamcakes Bakery

Forget a sugar coma, Dreamcakes’ Beatrix Potter Carrot Cake will have you spellbound. It features their signature carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for a dessert that leaves magic on your tastebuds.

10. Nabeel’s Café & Market

Who does carrot cake better than your grandmother? This Birmingham original tries their best to replicate granny’s baking skills and we think their Grandmother’s Carrot Cake succeeds this goal.

“The best moist cake with carrots, pecans—even crushed pineapple—layered with cream cheese frosting. Topped with cinnamon.”

11. Nothing Bundt Cakes

Bundtinis are bite-sized and full of flavor. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

To wrap the guide up, we know we couldn’t leave off Nothing Bundt Cakes on a list like this one. It’s pretty hard to find something you don’t like at the bundt cake bakery, but carrot cake is a can’t-miss.

“The classic carrot cake you love with carrot and pineapple pieces baked throughout. Every bite has the warm, familiar taste of cinnamon and nutmeg.”

  • Price: $21/dozen | $24/8-inch | $34/10-inch
  • Location: 310 Summit Blvd Suite 100, Birmingham, AL 35243 | 3780 Riverchase Village Suite 600, Hoover, AL 35244
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

Which of your favorite spots did we leave off the list? Share them with us on social and let us know what we missed @BhamNow on Facebook and Instagram, or @Now_Bham on Twitter.

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