9 local breads that have risen to the top of Birmingham’s taste charts

Great Harvest Bread Co Trussville
That cinnamon swirl though. Photo via Great Harvest Bread Co Trussville

Warm and fluffy. Coarse and crusty. The texture, taste and aroma of freshly baked bread is heavenly, isn’t it? We’ve rounded up the nine top-selling breads from some of Birmingham’s beloved bakeries. Ready or not, here we crumb.

1. The Sourdough Boules from Bandit Pâtisserie

Bandit Pâtisserie
Sourdough Boule. Photo via Bandit Pâtisserie

Best Seller: Sourdough Boules
Made with Lindley Mills flours

Made from scratch and baked to crisp perfection, the breads at Bandit Pâtisserie are a carb lovers delight. One for your radar—the Sourdough Boules that are crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside.

Others to try:

Location: 2015 1st Ave N, Unit 1C, Birmingham, AL 35203
To order: Call 205.920.1862 | Email hello@banditbham.com

2. The Traditional Country Sourdough from Beehive Baking Company

Beehive Baking Co
Pretty bread for the win. Photo via Beehive Baking Company

Best Seller: Traditional Country Sourdough
Description: Mixture of milled in-house rye flour and locally milled whole wheat & white flour
Price: Half loaf – $5 | Whole loaf – $8

Made with a few simple ingredients, Beehive Baking Company’s Traditional Country Sourdough is perfect for that essential breakfast toast or lunchtime sandwich.

What gives it its extra oomph of softness and fluffiness? A touch of local Birmingham honey and milk.

Other breads to try:

  • Sunflower Winter Wheat Batard: Price $8.50
  • Marbled Rye Bread: Price $8.50

Location + Contact: Online only

3. The Raisin Craisin Walnut Sourdough from Birmingham Breadworks

Birmingham Breadworks, bread
Raisin Craisin Walnut Sourdough. Photo via Birmingham Breakwork’s Facebook

Best Seller: Raisin Craisin Walnut Sourdough
Description: Made daily from scratch with a crusty outside and soft inside
Price: $7

Delicious artisan bread is just an order away at Birmingham Breadworks. All breads are made fresh daily and the Raisin Craisin Walnut Sourdough is one to put on your must-try list—especially when toasted and buttered lightly.

Others to try:

  • French: Price $4
  • Pumpernickle: Price $7
  • Sweet Wheat: Price $7

Location: 2408 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
Contact: 205.933.7517
Order online here

4. The Cinnamon Chip from Great Harvest Bread Co

Great Harvest Bread Co Trussville
Sunshine in bread form. Photo via Great Harvest Bread Co Trussville

Best Seller: Cinnamon Chip
Description: White-based bread with cinnamon bursts throughout
$7.70 | Available in loaves and rounds.

Filled with bursts of cinnamon, this bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. in Trussville is sure to brighten your day. Made from scratch daily, this slightly sweet bread makes the french toast of your dreams.

Others to try:

  • Cheddar Garlic: Price $8.50
  • Dakota: Price $6.75
  • Honey Whole Wheat: Price $5.75

Location:  218 Main St, #110, Trussville, AL 35173
Contact: 205.508.5854
Order online here

5. The Pain de Mis Loaf from Brick & Tin

Brick and Tin
No one will judge you whether you eat a slice or the whole loaf. Photo via Brick and Tin

Best Seller: Pain de Mie
Description: Softy French white bread
Price: $6

How do you sum up the Pain de mies from Brick & Tin? Fluffy, starchy goodness. Eat it solo or grill it to perfection for the ultimate panini.

Others to try:

  • Focaccia Bread (another best seller): Price $3.50

Location: 2901 Cahaba Rd, Mountain Brook, AL 35223
Contact: 205.502.7971
Order online here

6. The Wild Yeast Sourdough from The Continental Bakery

The Continental Bakery in English Village
Oh mighty breads. Photo via The Continental Bakery in English Village’s Facebook

Best Seller: Wild Yeast Sourdough
Description: A blend of whole wheat, unbleached flour baked on a stone hearth
Price: Quarter Boule – $5.50 | Half Boule – $10 | Whole Boule – $16 | Sandwich Loaf – $9.85

It’s not every day that you can order bread that can be picked up via a hobbit hole, but that’s part of the magic at The Continental Bakery in English Village.

Whether paired with fried eggs or dipped in olive oil, the Wild Yeast Sourdough is the ultimate crusty brown loaf.

Others to try:

  • Black & Green Olive Sourdough: Price $9
  • White Sourdough: Price $5.50-$16

Location: 1909 Cahaba Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223
Order online here

7. The Everything Bagel from Homewood Bagel Company

Homewood Bagel Company
I’ll have one with everything. Photo via Homewood Bagel Company

Best Seller: Everything Bagel
Description: A bagel with, well, a bit of everything
Price: Single – $1.95 | Half Dozen – $10.50 | Dozen – $21

Like your bread in bagel form? You’ll find a broad list baked up fresh daily at Homewood Bagel Company.

Holding the top spot on the menu is the Everything bagel. Just spread on the cream cheese and prepare to say Mmm!

Others to try:

  • Asiago Rosemary: Single – $1.95 | Half Dozen – $10.50 | Dozen – $21
  • Blueberry: Single – $1.95 | Half Dozen – $10.50 | Dozen – $21
  • Chocolate Chip: Single – $1.95 | Half Dozen – $10.50 | Dozen – $21

Location: 907 Central Ave, Homewood, AL 35209
Contact: 205.769.6131
Order online here

8. The Homemade White from Savage’s Bakery

Savage's Bakery
What a loaf! Photo via Savage’s Bakery’s Facebook

Best Seller: Homemade White
Soft and fluffy for an all-mighty sandwich

Looking for a mighty loaf? Savage’s Bakery creates dough that rises to make large and fluffy bread loaves fit for a king or queen. Ideal for sandwiches of all kinds, buy it by the loaf.

Others to try:

  • Rye: Price $4.75
  • Salt Rising Bread: Price $8
  • Sun Dried Tomato: Price $4.75
  • Whole Wheat: Price $4.75

Location: 2916 18th St S, Homewood, AL 35209
Contact: 205.871.4901
Order online here

9. The Cheddar Bread from Edgar’s Bakery

Edgar's Bakery
It’s the bread that makes the sandwich. Photo via Edgar’s Bakery’s Facebook

Best Seller: Cheddar Bread
Description: Made from scratch with pockets of cheddar cheese throughout
Price: $6.50

Whether you opt for the Cheddar Bread, Classic Sourdough or other, the bread at Edgar’s Bakery is rich in flavor, soft in texture and will hit your yum button.

Others to try:

  • Classic Sourdough: Price $6
  • Cinnamon Bread: Price: $6.50
  • Braided Challah: Price $7

Locations + Contacts
Order online here

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