Demolish stereotypes + learn more about construction careers for women Mar. 9 at Power UP—register today


Power UP
CAUTION: Successful women ahead! Photo via Central Six, taken pre-COVID-19

Anything boys can do girls can do too, and in heels at that. Do you know a 6th-12th grader interested in crushing a career in construction? Have her register for this year’s Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing! Network, learn from the experts and earn a chance to win prizes during 2021’s virtual event.

Drawing up the blueprints for your future

Power UP
Learn more from leaders in the construction industry and recognizable names. Photo via Central Six, taken pre-COVID-19

Ever wanted to be a drone pilot? Or lead a team of architects into creating something beautiful? During Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing! you’ll learn from a variety of experts in the construction industry who are building, sometimes literally, incredible careers. ⚒️

Dr. Mittie Cannon, founder/executive director of Power UP, Inc has worked in the field for over two decades. Her drive for the industry helps other women succeed in accomplishing their goals, too.

“I have seen my passion evolve from breaking into this career, to helping others do the same by realizing the need to Educate, Engage, Explore the construction industry and all that it has to offer.

There is so much to be done in those 3 areas and it all starts with the Educate component which leads one to Engage and Explore.”

Dr. Mittie D. Cannon, Founder/Executive Director, Power Up, Inc

So let’s start there—with education. There’s no better place to connect to career opportunities you might not normally consider and find your drive than through Power UP.

  • What: Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing! 2021 virtual event
  • When: March 9 from 6-7PM | Pre-event scavenger hunt February 7, 14 & 21
  • Learn more: Register | Website | Facebook

This is not a drill—2021’s Power UP event has more opportunities than ever 👷‍♀️

Power UP
Think you can’t make it? Hear from those who have! Photo via Central Six, taken pre-COVID-19

Put on your hard hats! Power UP is switching things up to accommodate the pandemic, but still nailing the goal of introducing young women to unlimited opportunities in construction.

Scavenger Hunt, Feb.7-Feb.21

Starting Sunday, February 7 you can discover more about big names in the construction industry, while also having a chance to win sweet rewards.

This is how the virtual scavenger hunt will look:

  1. On February 7, 14 and 21 those who registered for Power UP will receive a link to the scavenger hunt through Power UP’s website.
  2. You’ll then have access to information that will help you answer questions about the construction industry.
  3. Be prepared, because the questions get harder each week. However, a rise in difficulty comes with a prize higher in value.
  4. After three weeks, Power Up will recognize two girls as winners per scavenger hunt (six total)–one in middle school and one in high school.
  5. Power Up announces winners on March 9 at the main event. You must be in attendance to claim your prize. 🏆

Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing!, Mar. 9

Tune in on March 9 from 6-7PM to Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing! Learn the (power) tools to success by hearing advice and insight from leading industry experts. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and truly learn what life is like for women crushing construction careers.

Take a look at the agenda and register today:

  • Panel Session: Industry women panelist hosted by NCCR (The National Center for Construction Education and Research)
  • Scavenger Hunt Announcement: See if you’re a winner from the February scavenger hunt (must be in attendance to win prizes!)
  • Day in the life: Hear what life is like for a drone pilot and how she landed the gig

Climbing the ladder to success

Power UP 3 1 Demolish stereotypes + learn more about construction careers for women Mar. 9 at Power UP—register today
Hard hats on, doubts off. Photo via Central Six

Power Up is a 100% volunteer-run organization. It’s made possible through generous sponsors and individuals who have a passion for helping young women diversify this generally male-dominated industry.

The results of this hard work are pretty concrete. You’ll see that when you hear how this organization has helped so many women bring the hammer down on construction industry stereotypes.

“I would like young girls to know: be confident, know your worth and it’s not a man’s world, it’s anybody’s world. I want young girls to know that the construction industry is rewarding and filled with travel, adventure, great people and continuous learning.”

Dr. Mittie D. Cannon

Register for Power UP today and get started on the path to success! Learn more at

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