8 weeks. 1 goal. Why this local resident is tackling Orangetheory’s Transformation Challenge for the 2nd time


Transformation Challenge
Birmingham resident Hailey Lann is back for round two of the Transformation Challenge at Orangetheory. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

2020 sucked—it’s time to make up for it in 2021 and we’re starting with crushing those fitness goals. Birmingham resident Hailey Lann leads by example and takes on Orangetheory’s Transformation Challenge for the second year in a row. Once you hear how it revolutionized her regime, you’ll find your nearest studio and sign up before January 18.

Career developer by day, fitness queen by night 👸

Get to know Hailey:

  • Hometown: Haleyville, AL
  • Hobbies: Playing golf, walking her mini poodle Winston 😍 and exploring new restaurants in Birmingham
  • Go-to cheat meal: Cheeseburger and fries from Saw’s Juke Joint (we love a local!)

From 9-5, Hailey dominates as a Career Development Specialist at Brasfield & Gorrie, General Contractors. Off duty, she’s still killing it with workouts at Orangetheory. Hailey has been a member since October 2019. However, she truly became part of the Fit Fam through the 2020 Transformation Challenge.

Between the great coaches at each studio and the vibrant atmosphere, the eight-week challenge turned into a year-long membership.

“I love coming here because of the energy. I’m not disciplined enough to go to a regular gym and work out. Here, the coaches instruct you on what to do and push you to do your best to get better.

The camaraderie and culture of special events at Orangetheory, like the Transformation Challenge, draw you in. They get you excited about what you’re doing.”

Hailey Lann, member, Orangetheory Fitness Downtown

And some more background on the Transformation Challenge

Transformation Challenge
Step one: Head to your closest Orangetheory and sign up for the Transformation Challenge. Step two: reward yourself with a smoothie. Isn’t that how it works? Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

This eight-week event runs over the course of three months. From January 18 to March 14, Orangetheory challenges you to work out with them at least three days per week for six out of the eight-week event duration.

Each member is also placed in a team led by a top-notch coach. It’s like a competition, but make it friendly.

“I like that this starts a couple of weeks into January, because it allows time to get a game plan together. Research healthy articles on Pinterest, talk to friends and join your team’s Facebook group. People in these groups encourage each other and put out tips for what works for them.”

Hailey Lann

Finish the challenge and you’re already a winner. But, you can also take home $250 in cold hard cash if you’re the member who sheds the highest percentage of body fat according to the InBody Scanner. Sound doable? Head to your nearest studio and sign up!

Hailey is coming back better than ever

Transformation Challenge
*Taylor Swift voice* Are you ready for it? Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

Look, the Transformation Challenge is exactly that, a challenge, but so worth it. You can trust my opinion, because I did the challenge last year and the results went beyond how I looked. I felt energized, motivated, ate healthier and even made a few friends along the way.

For Hailey, a second time around the block is more exciting than nerve-wracking. Last year, she completed the challenge with her mom. This year, it’ll be her and her sister against the rowers, treadmills and weight room.

“This time last year, it was difficult to power walk at 3.5 mph”

12 months later and Hailey’s made so many improvements with Orangetheory. She credits the Transformation Challenge for kicking off this fitness journey.

“Orangetheory has been a great, positive aspect of my life this past year. I’m excited to see what the second Transformation Challenge does now that I’m in more of a stride with the studio.”

Hailey Lann

Results that stick around long after the eight weeks are up

It starts with coming to the studio three times a week and evolves into so much more. The friendships, knowledge and results carry-on well past the length of the challenge.

“The Transformation Challenge gives you some structure and a goal of coming at least three times a week. Last year, I came three times a week at the beginning. Then it turned to four times a week. By the end, I was working out at Orangetheory five days a week.”

Even after the challenge was over, I’ve found myself coming here five times a week. The challenge set the pace for the rest of the year.”

Hailey Lann

Tips from a Transformation Challenge veteran: it’s eight weeks for a reason

Orangetheory, coach and member on treadmill
Coaches are here to motivate you through every Transformation Challenge workout. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

Last year, Hailey became disappointed halfway into the challenge. She’d lost a couple of pounds but the percent body fat had moved in a direction that didn’t align with her goals. Luckily, Orangetheory’s trained coaches are pros and knew exactly what she needed to see those positive results.

“I got great advice from one of the coaches who told me to change up where I started in the workout and to focus more on building muscles. I took that advice. Four weeks later not only had that body fat and muscle mass percentage moved back to where it was, but it had also gone in a completely positive direction.”

Hailey Lann

Trust, coaches and motivation

It’s true, the coaches are ah-mazing and the relationship you’ll form with them provides so much motivation and professional insight into your workout.

But, it can still be hard to stay motivated through these eight weeks. For Hailey, it comes down to dedication and patience.

“Trust that when you’re giving it your all for three-plus days out of the week that the results will follow. Nothing happens overnight or in one week, so you’ve got to keep pushing to get those results.”

Hailey Lann

Ready to show 2021 who’s boss and leave last year in the past? Let’s run through the deets real quick 🔥

Hailey Lann
Bye Hailey! We’ll check back in with you in March to get the deets on how the Transformation Challenge played out. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

We’ll be checking back in with Hailey in March, but in the meantime, we want to see your results, too. Take a look at what you need to know before you go:

  • What: An eight-week challenge, running over the course of three months, encouraging participants to transform their body with Orangetheory
  • When: January 18-March 14 (sign up FAST! You can still sign up within the first couple days of the challenge, but you know what they say about the early bird and the worm…)
  • Rules: Work out a minimum of three days per week for six out of the eight-week event duration.
  • Prizes: $250 cash to the male and female who shed the highest percentage of body fat according to the InBody Scanner

Sign up for Orangetheory Transformation Challenge at the studio that’s most convenient for you:

Want to test the waters before diving in headfirst? Head over to Orangetheory’s website to sign up today for your first FREE class.

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orangetheory 8 weeks. 1 goal. Why this local resident is tackling Orangetheory's Transformation Challenge for the 2nd time
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