Meet 5 Orangetheory coaches killin’ the game + sign up to get one month FREE


OrangeTheory 8 Meet 5 Orangetheory coaches killin' the game + sign up to get one month FREE
Orangetheory Fitness Montgomery Head Coach Markia Robinson. Photo via Bham Now

We’ve already proven that Orangetheory’s workout is fire and now we want to show you their coaches are just as extraordinary. Get ready to meet five of your fittest new friends.

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1. First, you have to know Lauren Goldasich + her story as Orangetheory’s CEO

IMG 2021 1 Meet 5 Orangetheory coaches killin' the game + sign up to get one month FREE
Lauren Goldasich. Photo via Bham Now

Fit Fam Origin Story

After running her own boot camp, Lauren began searching for the option to open a brick and mortar store to teach classes and realized a franchise was the best option. Orangetheory continued to make its way to the top of the list, but the kicker was when she and her husband, Dennis, tried their first class together.

When the coach told them to get into the orange zone—a period of time where you push yourself in the workout—Dennis was power walking and she was running. From the outside, it appeared as though Lauren was working harder than Dennis. However, when she looked at the screen displaying heart rates, Lauren was still in the green zone and Dennis was in red

“Of course as a fitness professional I understood what perceived rate of exertion meant, but it had never been there in front of my face in black and white, or I suppose green and red. “

Lauren knew at that moment there was something special about this workout. Orangetheory gives you an insight into the inside of an individual and provides the opportunity to push people to their greatest potential. And, it also allows coaches to say, “Hey, it’s okay you can back off—you’re going too hard right now.”

“At the end of the class it wasn’t about a leader board, it was about did you achieve your goal today and every single person did. I felt part of a community with people I’d never met before. I knew at that moment we were going to reach 90% of the population.”

“I want my kids to realize they can wake up every day and do something they love”

While there’s no denying that the workout is unlike any other, it’s only part of the reason Orangetheory has struck a chord with so many people. Lauren loves it because she gets to wake up and do what she loves every day. In turn, that transfers to the clients and culture of the studios.

“Everyone in some way shape or form here wants to make you the best version of yourself. We are passionate about taking people to the next level that requires higher level of expectation.”

Fast Facts

  • Lauren used to be a 1st-grade teacher. Although she loved her job, she realized her passion is educating adults about health and wellness.
  • She’s a mother to five children(Two who she birthed and three bonus boys)—four boys and a 16-month-old girl. 👨‍👩‍👧
  • Their family is really involved in the Tum Tum Tree Foundation—a charity whose mission is to raise money for children with life-altering and life-threatening diseases

Now, let’s meet some head coaches following Lauren’s lead 🔥

With a leader as passionate and dedicated as Lauren, it’s easy to see why these next four coaches are equally as awesome. Start off by hearing how they came to Orangetheory, pump it up with what motivates them as coaches and listen to how they take a breather when they’re not on the grind.

2. Markia Robinson—Montgomery Head Coach

OrangeTheory 13 Meet 5 Orangetheory coaches killin' the game + sign up to get one month FREE
Markia Robinson. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Warm up

“I loved coming into my first class ever as a new person and being able to do all of the workouts that I enjoy, but in a group setting. It was mind-blowing—I was hooked.”


Markia ran track at Birmingham Southern College, so she loves teaching clients about running form, stride and all of the things she learned as a track and field athlete in college.

Cool down

  • Go-to Cheat Meal: Double Cheeseburger from Five Guys, with a side of fries and all of the toppings 🍔 🍟
  • Favorite Hobby: Painting and hiking—she’s even hiked a little part of the Appalachian trail!

3. LeAnne Ash—Trussville Head Coach

Leanne Bham Now Pic 1 Meet 5 Orangetheory coaches killin' the game + sign up to get one month FREE
LeAnne Ash. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Warm Up

As a personal trainer, LeAnne loves helping people get healthier in every part of their life. After moving to Trussville and connecting with the former head coach, she started taking classes and fell in love with Orangetheory.


“I get to be a part of seeing the joy of my clients’ accomplishments. I love helping them become a better version of themselves and encouraging them through their fitness journey.

They love this place— it’s the where they look forward to coming to, because maybe this is the only hour they get to themselves or they’re here to blow off some steam and improve themselves.”

Cool Down

  • Go-to Cheat Meal: Homemade healthy(ish) pizza, popcorn and dark chocolate
  • Favorite Hobby: Photography and spending time with her kids—especially at their sports games. 📸

4. Win Warren—Inverness Head Coach

OrangeTheory 4 Meet 5 Orangetheory coaches killin' the game + sign up to get one month FREE
Win Warren. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Warm Up

“I found Orangetheory because it is a community-based atmosphere. I knew I could be involved in everyone’s lives and help change them.”


“My favorite aspect of working with clients is seeing them grow. Especially with new clients who come in and they’re just starting their fitness career. Seeing them progress into fitness enthusiasts—that’s awesome.”

Cool Down

  • Go-to Cheat Meal: A giant burger—”the bigger the better.” As for the best tasting in burger in Birmingham? Win said it’s Chez Fon Fon FTW.
  • Favorite Hobby: Technically Win’s response was Crossfit, but I don’t count that as a cool down, so when he really needs to relax it looks like watching “Vikings” and “Brooklyn 99” on Hulu. 📺

5. Alex Gray—Hoover Head Coach

OrangeTheory 27 Meet 5 Orangetheory coaches killin' the game + sign up to get one month FREE
Alex Gray. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Warm up

After moving to the U.S. a couple of years ago, Alex was looking at local gyms and discovered Orangetheory. He tried out a class, really enjoyed it and knew as soon as he got his green card he’d be applying for a position.


“I think one of my favorite things is seeing one of our oldest members come in and watching her work out next to someone in their 20s. They are doing the same workout and just loving it and working toward their individual fitness goals.

I love that about Orangetheory—we can get that diversity and it’s probably my favorite thing. Everyone works at their own level, the workout is designed in a way that it’s effective to anyone.”

Cool Down

  • Go-to Cheat Meal: Chocolate, “But I have to say, I’m a big fan of British chocolate, not so much American.” 🍫
  • Hobbies: All types of sports, right now Alex plays in Sunday Soccer League

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Get fit or DI-TRI-ing

If you’re ready to go all-in as these coaches did, don’t miss Orangetheory’s Di-Tri event. Here are the deets:

  • What: Participants will have the opportunity to complete a triathlon-like event in an Orangetheory Fitness studio. The 2000 meter row, 300 rep bodyweight movements, and 5k treadmill run is one of their signature programs. 
  • How it works: Athletes can choose between Orangetheory’s DriTr or Sprint DriTri events, which both have options for runners/joggers, power walkers, bikers, and striders.
  • When: This year’s Dri Tri event takes place Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th

Sound like some people you could vibe with? Head over to Orangetheory’s website to sign up today for your first FREE class.

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orangetheory Meet 5 Orangetheory coaches killin' the game + sign up to get one month FREE
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