Orangetheory home workouts + how Transformation Challenge kept me motivated


Orange.Theory 23 scaled Orangetheory home workouts + how Transformation Challenge kept me motivated
Unfortunately, I don’t have a rowing machine at home, but Orangetheory has some tips to get the same type of workout at home. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

NOTICE: Orangetheory is currently closed due to COVID-19. All memberships will be temporarily frozen without a fee during this time.

Around 8 weeks ago I started Orangetheory’s Transformation Challenge. Along the way, I formed a community, learned I can’t do a push-up and felt stronger than ever. Now, I’m taking my workouts with the Orangetheory team online—find out how. 

How the Transformation Challenge Worked

Orange.Theory 10 scaled Orangetheory home workouts + how Transformation Challenge kept me motivated
Welcome to my personal home gym. Just kidding, but that would sure come in handy right now. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

Orangetheory’s Transformation Challenge is a community-wide challenge to see which members could lose the highest percentage of body fat in 8 weeks. 

For 6 out of the 8 weeks, I had to attend Orangetheory’s 60-minute high-intensity classes at least three times a week. The studio kept track using a large board where you marked off each day you came—I couldn’t cheat my way out of this one.

What I learned

First and foremost, I was not strong, like, at all. But more importantly, Orangetheory’s methods of having you stick to a routine and working together with others is the ultimate way to reach your goals.

Think about it like playing sports in high school. I played left wing in soccer so in that position my goal was not exactly like a defender’s, but we all had the collective goal to win. At Orangetheory, everyone’s collective goal is to be proud of what we’ve accomplished.

I don’t think I could’ve done this at any other studio, because Orangetheory’s program motivates everyone to do their best, according to their own personal strengths.

They ask where you’ve been if you missed a class and open the floor up to discussion during stretches so we can tell them what’s on our mind (mostly that we’re tired).

8 weeks later and I never got tired of the workout

You would think after two months of classes things would get boring, but the workouts stayed fresh and tough. I kept expecting to get into some sort of routine, but the coaches switched it up enough to keep me on my toes.

The studio that works out together, stays together

Throughout the challenge members really do form bonds with those around them. People check-in on one another’s goals and share tips for staying on track. For example, I learned from one member how to make a delicious mocktail using my favorite nonalcoholic drink—La Croix.

As we all work through this uncertain time, it’s nice to know the bonds you make in the studio stretch beyond the workout that and you can still rely on coaches and members to keep you motivated.

The coaches want you to reach your goals

19.03.05 OrangeTheory0021 1 Orangetheory home workouts + how Transformation Challenge kept me motivated
Chatting with your coach before class is a great way to learn tips, but it also means they’ll be able to call you out by name during the class. Photo courtesy of Orangetheory.

Walking into Orangetheory and giving half effort is really not an option. Take it from me, you will be called out (in a polite way). But as the coaches get to know you throughout the challenge they understand how you work and know your abilities.

Keeping you on-track online

A really fun part of the challenge is you were randomly organized into teams with a coach as your leader. The coaches created Facebook groups based on the teams you were in and shared work out tips, healthy recipes and hosted online convos about how everyone was going.

In addition to Facebook, my studio, like others, shared stories on Instagram cheering on members and giving us tips for keeping us in check. You definitely get FOMO if you skip a class and log-on to see all your workout buddies hitting their PR (personal record).

Bringing on the motivation beyond the studio

At the end of the challenge $500 cash was awarded to the male and female who shed the highest percentage of body fat according to the InBody Scanner. 

However, as I worked through the challenge I completely forgot about it and focused more on reaching my goals:

  • How much weight I lifted increased and so did the bags of groceries I could haul up my apartment stairs.
  • My running base pace went up two whole points on the treadmill and the stairs at work stopped leaving me winded.
  • I had more of a reason to wake up and get my day going versus hitting snooze on my alarm clock 5 times and ending up late for work.

Orangetheory goes virtual

Due to COVID-19, Orangetheroy like other businesses are temporarily closed. But, it’s not stopping the team from giving you an amazing workout. In a time where everyone feels so desperate, it’s easy to get de-motivated.


Luckily, Orangetheory is killing the stay-at-home game by putting out workouts every day, asking for input on social media and sharing members’ progress. It makes getting through this time a little less lonely and a lot sweatier.

More about Orangetheory

If you have more questions about Orangetheory head to its website or call your local studio. You can also check out my first experience with the fitness studio.

Orangetheory is 60-minute high-intensity classes featuring a combination of cardio and strength. You’re paired with a Performance Tracker backed by science. It gives you an accurate reading of your heart rate and recognizes your limits.

Check out your Orangetheory studio on Facebook and Instagram for more for at-home workouts and more!

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orangetheory Orangetheory home workouts + how Transformation Challenge kept me motivated
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