Orangetheory’s coaches + clients are crushing the fitness world—we worked out how


Jayn Berry, member at Orangetheory
Jayne Berry, a member at Orangetheory’s downtown Birmingham studio. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

How you work out is important, but who you’re working out with can play an even bigger role in fulfilling fitness goals. We sat down with Orangetheory’s Executive Director of Fitness and a current member in Birmingham to see how the relationship between client and coach drives the motivation behind each class to a different level.

It’s like having a personal trainer who’s also your friend

One of Orangetheory's coaches discusses goals with a member
Orangetheory coaches are welcoming the second you step in the studio’s door. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

One thing Orangetheory excels at is giving a personal trainer experience in a group fitness setting. The coach gets to know each member well enough that they can tailor their instructions to them. This treatment starts as soon as you step into the studio.

“We try to give the members a fantastic experience from the moment they first walk in that door. The relationship starts with them there straight from the outset. We’re keen to learn about each member, what their goals are coming in and what they’re looking to achieve.”

Alex Gray, Executive Director of Fitness, Orangetheory
One of Orangetheory's coaches discusses goals with a member
Alex and Jayn discuss goals for today’s class. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Even after the class is complete, Orangetheory’s coaches follow up with clients to see how it went. They’ll call members to see how classes are going and if they’re reaching their goals.

“They definitely make it a personal experience and that’s one thing that sets Orangetheory apart.”

Jayne Berry, Orangetheory member

Getting that one-on-one communication with each coach electrifies your motivation to come back. You might be exercising with other people, but the workout is all yours.

“It’s more than coming to a group class. The workout is personalized for each individual. We make sure as a team we’re not leaving any member out.”

Alex Gray, Executive Director of Fitness, Orangetheory

Reaching goals feels less impossible 💪

If you’re anything like me, when I walk into a gym all the equipment looks completely foreign. I have about a million Pinterest workouts saved and no idea if they’re even legit.

With Orangetheory, coming to class is the hardest part. Once you’re at the studio, it’s motivation from the coaches that’ll lead you through each workout.

“Orangetheory’s coaches are so awesome—they challenge you. The coaches are great at pointing out specific things you excel at and encouraging you. They want you to not only have your best form, but also push you in the workout. Everyone on the staff is really fun to work with.”

Jayne Berry, Orangetheory member

Yes, Jayne used the word “fun” while talking about working out—it’s true, though. Even on days where it’s too cold to get up or the holidays are taking over, the bond you form with Orangetheory’s coaches helps push you to keep going.

“In their own ways, coaches are good at pointing out good forms or motivating you on days you’re not feeling it. If they see you increase your speed they’re quick to say, ‘Hey I saw you do that!’—which is encouraging.”

Jayne Berry, Orangetheory member

What’s good for the client is good for the coach

It’s great to have someone notice an improvement and the feeling is mutual for Orangetheory’s coaches. Each coach is going through your fitness journey with you, so when you thrive they thrive.

“One of the joys of being a coach at Orangetheory is the knowledge that members are able to come here and achieve the things that they’re trying to reach. That’s a joy to see.

For example, some members, they’re looking to achieve a certain pace on the treadmill. The look on their face is great after the first time they’re able to hold that pace during an all-out!”

Alex Gray, Executive Director of Fitness, Orangetheory

If the workout starts to feel intimidating

Competition is a good thing. But, Orangetheory’s coaches encourage you to compete against your personal goals versus looking at what other members in the studio are doing.

Someone might be three paces higher than you on the treadmill, but it doesn’t mean they’re doing better in class than you. Your health and goals outline the template for each workout.

“The coaches won’t look at you different whether you’re a power walker or a runner. It’s a workout for all ages. Body image is hard to deal with any way in this age, but they’re wanting you to be your best self and give it your all during your workout that day.”

Jayne Berry, Orangetheory member

Closing the studio door and opening a new one

Alex Gray, one of Orangetheory's coaches
Motivation to be great doesn’t run out once you leave the studio. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

One of Orangetheory’s slogans is, “More Life,” and for Alex, he’s seen that materialized in members. Some of the most rewarding feedback he hears from clients is how the workout has positively affected their mental health, too.

“What I find encouraging as a coach is when members say, ‘I didn’t expect to see such a change in my mental state.’”

For them in the beginning it was all about the physical aspects. But, they’ve had such benefits with their mental state they didn’t expect. Now, members say that’s the best part of Orangetheory.”

Alex Gray, Executive Director of Fitness, Orangetheory

If you’ve ever played sports you’ve probably had a coach say something like, “Leave it all on the field.” At Orangetheory, however, you’re inspired to take it beyond the studio and incorporate those positive experiences in daily life.

“Members tell us the way Orangetheory has changed their life even outside of the studio. Those types of member stories go to a bit of a deeper level. You see that it’s not just what we’re doing inside of the studio, but this workout is going into their everyday life. Clients are able to do things they weren’t able to do before.”

Alex Gray, Executive Director of Fitness, Orangetheory

Come say,”Hey!” today 👋

“The coaches are very inviting to new members. If you’re new to Orangetheory, don’t be afraid that it’s something you can’t do, because you can take it at your own pace.”

Jayne Berry, Orangetheory member

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orangetheory Orangetheory's coaches + clients are crushing the fitness world—we worked out how

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