21 things we can’t wait to freakin’ do in 2021 in Birmingham

bham skyline 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
Move over 2020. A new year is coming through. Photo via @zacksyl on Instagram

Dear 2020, you’ve been interesting to say the least. You’re going to go down in history as one of the weirdest years our generation has experienced. It’s been nice knowing you, but we’re ready to move on and these are some of the things we’re looking forward to in the new year.

1. *Sits patiently waiting for vaccine*

Just in time for the holidays we have not one, but TWO FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve waited this long so we can wait a bit longer for our chance to receive the vaccine. After all, medical personnel and frontline workers definitely deserve first dibs.

2. Remember concerts? We want those back.

Live music just hits different. There’s something about a group of people gathering to enjoy the same artist. Whether it’s at Iron City, Saturn, Zydeco, Alabama Theatre, Workplay, the BJCC and everything in between, we can’t wait to jam like no one’s watching.

3. Spending more time beyond these 4 walls

stephens gap waterfall
It’s like a scene straight out of a movie. Photo via @hikealabama on Instagram.

One thing that 2020 has made me grateful for is the outdoors. It’s always there and Birmingham is home to some of the best parks, trails and even waterfalls around. Once the weather warms up, you can find me somewhere outside.

4. Trying ALL the new bites in town

Foodies can agree on this one with me. There’s nothing like discovering your new favorite spot to grab a bite, especially when it’s local. Every week we’ve been doing a new opening and reopenings article that’s the perfect place to start your search for fresh bites. Here are the latest three:

5. Seeing friends + family in-person

Bham Now team photo 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
Who’s the first person you can’t wait to see? Photo via Bham Now

I’ve been extremely lucky to see my immediate family throughout quarantine, but for some people it’s been months. In an effort to keep our loved ones safe, distance has been the hardest yet the easiest way to keep everyone safe. So who are you going to see first as soon as it’s safe to next year?

6. Football season baby!

“I miss going to high school football games and watching the marching bands under the Friday night lights! Maybe Fall 2021 will bring those seasonal traditions back”.

Sheila McCallum, Bham Now team member + newsletter genius

7. We love you Bham, but we could use some space

storyteller overland 3 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
Where do you want to go in 2021? Via Storyteller Overland’s Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been bitten the travel bug and I’m itching to visit somewhere new. Whether it’s by car, plane, train, or souped-up camper van, a change of scenery would be nice next year, plus I heard some places in Europe might have travelling incentives.

8. Get back onto the fitness grind

Ignite Cycle 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
Throwback to when the team tried Ignite Cycle. Photo via Bham Now

Remember at the beginning of quarantine when we vowed to become our best self? That lasted like 3 months for me and I’m claiming 2021 as the year of self-improvement whether that be mentally or physically. After all, working out without a gym or class can be a bit difficult.

Looking for safe ways to get active this winter? We’ve got you covered.

9. Taking some much needed TLC

This one’s a no-brainer. 2021 is the year of treating yo’ self whether that be at a local facial bar, visiting the newest wine bar or doing absolutely nothing.

10. Tying the knot…if this applies to you, of course

Birmingham, Diamonds Direct
Between the ring and the view, I can’t decide which is more beautiful. (Ok, it’s the ring) Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Have you had to put wedding plans on hold or know a couple who had to pivot? At least two of our team members have had engagements or the cutest, small wedding here in Birmingham. Wishing the best of luck for love birds in 2021.

11. Making those late night memories where you either end up at Al’s or a food truck

queens park gif 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
Cheers! Gif via Bham Now

Alright! Raise your hand if you can’t wait to hit the bars and dance the night away with friends. 2021 is for making those late night memories that’ll pop up in your Snapchat memories years later.

12. Not using “It’s 2020” as an excuse

This one kind of speaks for itself.

13. Sidewalk Film Festival

inheritance6 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
What are your fave memories of the festival? Photo via Sidewalk Film Festival

This year, Sidewalk Film Festival was drive-in style. Don’t get us wrong. It was so much fun, but there’s just something about watching indie movies in Birmingham’s historic theatres. Oh, and let’s not forget the after parties!

14. Walking down grocery store aisles without arrows telling me I’m going the wrong way

I’m looking at you Piggly Wiggly, although you can’t beat their inventory and prices. I also can’t wait to not have to stand in line to enter Trader Joe’s.

15. Hugging

IU3A0884 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
Big bear hugs all around in 2021, hopefully. Photo courtesy of Bruno Event Team

I’m not much of a hugger, but I’ve seen some awkward situations when people aren’t sure whether to hug or not. Hopefully, 2021 will be the year of big bear hugs. Who’s in?

16. Celebrations with your closest pals

cahaba brewing 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
How are you celebrating the new year? Photo via Cahaba Brewing Co’s Facebook

If you had a birthday or other celebration after March, there’s a good chance it wasn’t what you expected it to be. Hopefully, we can get back together in the new year to make up for those missed celebrations.

17. Dare I say, returning to the office

Some of the Bham Now team at Forge
Throwback to enjoying breakfast in the lobby at Forge. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Working from home is great and all, but sometimes you miss your co-workers. Who would’ve thought it would come to this?

18. Not having to hear “unprecedented” or “crazy” times

Let’s leave this in 2020, shall we?

19. Romanticizing the beginning of quarantine

Ahhh—banana bread, whipped coffee and tie dye. One day, we’ll be telling out grandkids about that one time the entire world was put on standstill.

20. Events like Indy Grand Prix of Alabama, Magic City Classic + MORE

rotary trail flowers 40 1 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
Rotary Trail. Photo via Bham Now

Birmingham sure knows how to throw some awesome events. Which one are you looking forward to?

21. Experiencing the magic in the Magic City

Screen Shot 2020 01 16 at 11.24.19 PM 21 things we can't wait to freakin' do in 2021 in Birmingham
Electra in downtown Birmingham shot by @dyoungblood71 on Instagram.

From supporting frontline workers to coming together for important social issues, 2020 has brought us together in more ways than one. Birmingham is resilient and we’re proud to call it home. May 2021 bring you health, prosperity and all the good vibes.

What are you looking forward to in 2021? Let us know on social @bhamnow on Instagram + @now_bham on Twitter.

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