This local art group is bringing a boost to every corner of Birmingham

An art group formed mid-pandemic is continuing to make Birmingham beautiful. Photo via BHM Artist Collective

If there’s a blank canvas, BHM Artist Collective is here to fill it. Take a look at who’s holding the paintbrushes that are bringing some of Birmingham’s walls to life.

BHM Artist Collective is a group of community creators

BHM Artist Collective mural
This photo was taken in July before the mural was finished, but you can find it completed in downtown Birmingham. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

It began with a boring gray wall, a pandemic and a collection of inspired creators. Talent came together in April to paint the street art exhibit you see above. But, progress didn’t end with one project.

The artists continue to meet up and decorate blank spaces across our city. Like a 21st-century Bat-Signal, the group sends out a call via BHM Artist Collective’s Instagram inviting creators to collaborate on exciting artistic ventures.

Follow the leader

Leading the charge is local artist Amanda Blake. In addition to painting the town, she creates commissioned works featuring acrylic portraits of people and animals.

Plus, if you’re in the mood to celebrate the season you can find her festive art, along with other artists’ works, at the Pizitz’s “Festival of Trees.”

Spot their current projects 🎨

Downtown Mural

BHM Artist Collective mural
See the finished mural downtown Birmingham, across from the Pizitz on 19th Street North. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

In the heat of the summer artists from BHM Artist Collective, in partnership with Shawn Fitzwater, painted a series of murals downtown. The final project, completed in July, is hard to miss and easy to enjoy.

Find it: In the parking lot across from the entrance to The Pizitz on 19th Street North.

Black Lives Matter Mural

Black Lives Matter mural
The City of Birmingham approved the project and 48 hours it was complete. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

In just two days, BHM Artist Collective came together again to help paint the Black Lives Matter mural at Railroad Park. The huge feat was a combined effort from Birmingham activists, artists and volunteers.

Find it: Railroad Park, 1600 1st Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

What BHM Artist Collective is currently working on

Most recently, the group of artists finished up an inspiring space in the courtyard at Dupay Alternative. The school serves as an educational resource for at-risk youth in Birmingham who may have been kicked out of school for severe offenses such as drugs or fighting.

“I have a vision for it to be as inspirational as possible for the young adults and their time here.

…A large wall for an inspirational mural + a blacktop with ‘ghost’ remnants of what used to be a colorful US Map. The goal of the artwork and the school itself is to take a negative situation and transform it into a positive learning environment.”

Amanda Blank via Instagram

Find it: 4500 14th Ave. North Birmingham,AL 35212

And for the future…

Stay tuned, because Amanda is currently creating a subscription-based platform for artists to use. The goal is for the $5 monthly email subscription to provide artists and designers with local jobs and collaborative opportunities.

Birmingham’s art community is growing bigger by becoming closer and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Are you a local artist looking to join? Reach out through Instagram @bhm_artist_collective.

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