5 fall fashion trends to keep an eye on + where to find them locally

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Cheesin’ at the thought of finally getting to experiment with fall fashion trends. Photo via basic’s Facebook

Autumn leaves, cool breeze and fall fashion are slowly but surely approaching us. We’re taking a look at the upcoming trends we’ll be seeing people wear around town as well as local shops helping you put your own spin on the fall season trends.

1. Shades of Nude

I’m ALL for this fall trend. Keeping things fresh, classic and neutral makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. It’s a massive trend that I’ve been seeing this summer and will definitely transition its way into the cooler months thanks to its ability to give you a sense of understated elegance.

Where to get your hands on the shades of nude trend:

Gus Mayer

Gus Mayer has the right idea. Just because this trend is keeping things neutral, switching up the textures makes a huge statement without being too in your face.

A little fashion inspo from fellow Bham Nower Hannah

When I ran across this trend, I couldn’t help but think of fellow Bham Nower, Hannah. She’s an effortless little fashionista who’s the queen of thrifting. When asked what her favorite fall staple was, here’s what she had to say:

“I’d say my favorite fall staple is a soft sweater or turtle neck. I love how versatile they are. You can spice them up by layering one under a blazer, or by throwing it over a summer dress.”

Bham Nower + Content Producer Hannah Chambley

When it comes to fall fashion, you don’t have to drop a big chunk of money to achieve the style you’re looking for. For Hannah, fall is the best time to thrift for clothes thanks to the surplus of vintage sweaters, cardigans and jackets. Her go-to thrift stores are King’s Home Thrift, America’s Thrift Store and Lovelady Thrift.

“If I could only pick one fall fit to wear all season, it’d definitely be an oversized sweater with a dress or skirt underneath. Not only is it super comfy and effortless, but it’s also 100% WFH approved. So I can feel like a tried, but still don’t have to put on pants.”

2. Matching Sets

This trend just simply makes life so much easier. Matching sets are a no-brainer and make you look like you put thought into your look when in reality you just rolled out of bed.

If you’re afraid to look too matchy-matchy, keep things neutral. If you’re looking to revamp your style, don’t be afraid to try out a pattern like tie-dye.

Local shop giving us matching set inspo:

Julie Maeseele
  • Address: 3172 Bellwood Drive, Cahaba Heights, AL 35243
  • Shop | Instagram
  • Keep an eye on Julie Maeseele’s Instagram for colder weather garments dropping this fall.

Julie Maeseele sells the most effortlessly chic matching sets that’ll make you feel just as good as you look. Her clothing is progressive and focuses on ethical fashion with made-to-order apparel, featuring recycled materials and surplus textiles. The garments are hand-cut and designed to last.

“Our clothes are intended to live alongside the consumer, rather than simply serving as a disposable afterthought. Instead of designing around the industry’s preconceived seasons, we chose for a season-less approach. The collection has been imagined for year-round wear, thus increasing the value and usefulness of a garment.”

Designer Julie Maeseele

Here’s Julie’s advice on gearing up your wardobe for the fall:

“Find your own style, there is no one solution for all. In this surplus of products, we need to pause and find back affection for our garments. Garments with a soul are preserved longer. We have less desire to replace them just for the excitement of novelty because we cherish them. Define your personal style, it will make your experience with clothing better. Fashion should be an escapism, a fantasy, so have fun and experiment with it. “

3. Jewel Tones

Amethyst, ruby, jade, sapphire—this fall, jewel tones are taking center stage. These bold, regal shades are definitely a different vibe than the shades of nude trend, but it’s just as easy to pull off. Deep, elegant tones were seen all over the runway for this coming fall and the colors instantly jazz up any outfit.

Where to grab your jewel tone pieces:


We’ve featured basic in a couple of other fashion articles but they just always get it right. Not only are their curated products ethically-made but they make some of the most top-notch, versatile essentials that serve as anchor pieces for your wardrobe.

Lizard Thicket

Lizard Thicket located at The Summit keeps up with the latest trends. If you want to spice up your wardrobe or keep things simple, they’ve got you covered. The store is subtly arranged by color palettes so finding those jewel tone pieces will be a breeze.

4. Classic Prep

Inspired by the trend-setters on university campuses, the clean-cut preppy style seems to always make its way back during the fall. Who can resist a classic button-up and sweater combo, though?

If you’re still trying to recoup from your preppy phase in high school, no worries! The trend is way more sophisticated than those bubble necklaces, peplum tops and chevron print. Consider it a more realistic version of Gossip Girl fashion.

Local shops who are doing preppy the right way:

Billy Reid

Founded in Florence, Alabama, Billy Reid has been crafting clothes for over 20 years. They’re built for longevity. You’ll find men and women’s styles that are timeless and top quality. Billy Reid takes your favorite closet staples and elevates them with superb detailing.

Tres’ Fine Clothing

Sometimes you need to dress to impress—even if it’s just for yourself. Tres’ Fine Clothing in Ensley will have you looking sharp as soon as you walk out the door. They even offer alterations for men and women’s clothing on-site.

5. Fringe

Fringe is having a comeback. From the runway to the streets, this trend can be both refined and funky. An unexpected fringe accent is going to be big this fall. Even famous fashion designers like Dior and Givenchy took a swing at the trend.

A shop getting fringey with it:


Idyllwilde is a design company and workshop based in Florence, Alabama. They work with natural fiber textiles and plant-based dyes to create their pieces. Their fringe tote makes it easy to try out the trend without committing too much space in your wardrobe.

What fall trend are you looking forward to trying? Let us know on social @BhamNow + @now_bham on Twitter.

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