Not just for summer camp— tie-dye trends tackle Birmingham

girl in pink and white striped long sleeve shirt lying on ground
Yay or nay—is tie-dye a staple in your closet? Photo by Jason Yoder on Unspalsh

Tie-dye isn’t a trend that plans on hitting the road like chevron stripes or peplum tops any time soon. Hey—if Crocs can make a comeback who’s to say anything is safe. Birmingham biz isn’t one to shy away from rubber bands and bottled dye and their stock of the colorful print includes everything from clothing to cakes.

Where did tie-dye come from?

yellow purple and blue textile
Believe it or not tie-dye wasn’t created in the year 2020 by bored quarantine folks. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The trippy trend may be an Urban Outfitters staple these days, but it actually didn’t originate from a group of Deadheads in the 60s. Let’s travel back to the to the Indus Valley Civilization of 4000 B.C. and look at Bandhani—a method of tying and dying clothes with natural material to produce a pattern.

Eventually, the technique we know today transformed and made its way to America—popularized when go-go boots and miniskirts ruled the fashion scene. However, early evidence of “tying and dying” were found as far back in the U.S. as the early 1900s.

Tie-dye in 2020: it’s here to stay

Tie-dye is moving from the cheap and colorful fabric associated with hippies or a 2nd grade field day project and making appearances in high-end fashion. Vogue even declared it one of the biggest trends of 2019 and brands such as Birkenstock, Patagonia and others have released products with the nostalgic print.

If you’re in the mood to feel funky, pick your poison from local clothes, accessories and even sweet treats.


Club Duquette

“We’ve been working with indigo for six years now, which is so crazy. Each dip we learn more about the process and ourselves. (When you spend days at a time bent over a vat, you have some time and space to think about a lot of things). “

Club Duquette via Instagram

Shady Lane Tie Dye Co.

Shady Lane Tie Dye Co. takes your DIY project and raises it to a whole other level. The unique designs are all hand-made in Birmingham and you can even commission a piece using your fave tee.

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The Pink Tulip

Annnd there is plenty more where that came from. The Pink Tulip totally hit the nail on the head when it came to the tie dye trend with sets, tshirts, jackets and dresses all available in different patterns.


 KustomDezign by BOWNANZA

Birmingham, masks, Etsy, Bownanza KustomDezign, local crafters, local sellers
Photo via Bownanza KustomDezign’s Facebook

These handcrafted masks are fun and affordable. Even better? You’re buying from a local maker.

Accessory Heaven

AccessoryHeaven Not just for summer camp— tie-dye trends tackle Birmingham
Photo via Accessory Heaven on Etsy

Elizabeth David constructs all of her cotton face masks with adjustable ear loops and securely sewn in nose piece.


Reigning Cakes

Reigning Cakes Not just for summer camp— tie-dye trends tackle Birmingham
I bet it tastes as good as it looks! Photo via Reigning Cakes’ Facebook

After seeing Reigning Cake’s creation, I have a feeling other bakeries will step up their game. Like all cakes at the local biz, this buttercream dream was custom made for one groovy birthday.


Alabama Oudoors

Screen Shot 2020 08 05 at 11.27.28 AM Not just for summer camp— tie-dye trends tackle Birmingham
Just in time for lake days and summer evenings. Photo via @alabamaoutdoorsofficial on Instagram

Why blend into the background? A tie-dye hammock makes the relaxing sesh all the more stylish.


tie dye dog collarsbydesign Not just for summer camp— tie-dye trends tackle Birmingham
What’s cuter than a dog? A dog in tie-dye. Photo via DogCollarsByDesign on Etsy

Now your pooch is on-trend too! DogCollarsByDesign makes custom accessories locally for your furriest family member.

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