National food & drink publication names Chez Fonfon best burger in Alabama

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You can see why it’s award-winning. Photo via Chef Fonfon on Facebook

That’s right—you can get the best burger in all of Alabama right here in Birmingham. Read the story here, and find out how you can get your hands on this award-winning delicacy.

The List

Get the best burger in the state, curbside. Photo via Bham Now

The Daily Meal is a national food and drink publication that covers everything from restaurants, chefs and food trends to cooking, entertaining and more. With over 1 million followers across their social channels, it’s one of the largest food and drink sites in the world.

They keep an annual list of the 101 Best Burgers in America, which is complied via a survey with hundreds of burgers on it given to a panel of noted writers, journalists, bloggers and culinary authorities from across the country.

From there, the foodie experts at The Daily Meal narrowed it down to the very best burger in every state.

“We extensively researched beloved burger joints in big cities and small towns alike, dug through online reviews and combed existing best-of lists, both in print and online.”

The Daily Meal

Alabama’s Best

Curbside Pickup at Chez Fonfon. Photo via Bham Now

We all know Birmingham is a hotspot for incredible, award-winning food. If you ask a local for dinner recommendations in the Magic City, chances are you’ll get a long list of tucked-away barbecue joints, restaurants who’ve been serving up delicious eats for close to a century, nationally-celebrated fine dining and everything in-between.

Celebrating (and photographing, and eating…) Birmingham food is one of our favorite hobbies here at Bham Now. In fact, just a few months ago, we rounded up 5 of the most mouthwatering Birmingham burgers.

#3 on our list? The Hamburger Fonfon from Frank Stitt’s Chez Fonfon. It’s a favorite for some of our team members—and apparently, we’re not alone.

The Burger

Hungry yet? Photo via Chef Fonfon on Facebook

What’s all the hype about, you ask? We’ll let The Daily Meal speak on their selection for themselves:

“The star of the menu at Chez Fonfon in Birmingham, Alabama, is the Hamburger Fonfon. To make this impressive burger, chefs grind chuck in-house and form it into 8-ounce patties. Those patties are then cooked to medium and topped with Comté — a nutty cheese from France — and served with fries”

The Daily Meal

Chez Fonfon celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and Magic City visitors and residents alike have been saying *chef’s kiss* for decades after downing this delicacy.

Their dining rooms remain temporarily closed, but never fear: the Hamburger Fonfon made it to their curbside menu. It’s $17, but it’s worth every penny. Here’s how to try it for yourself:

  • Curbside pickup available Tuesday-Saturday, 11:30AM to 8PM
  • To order, call (205) 939-3221
  • Call-in only; phones open at 11AM
  • Pick up at 2007 11th Ave S, Birmingham

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