3 reasons to register for University of Montevallo’s MBA program for Fall now

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If you’re on the fence about continuing your education, keep reading to see how Montevallo’s MBA Program stands out. Photo via the University of Montevallo on Facebook

There’s never been a better time to consider continuing your education. If the idea of attaining an MBA piques your interest, keep reading to discover the benefits of continuing your studies locally at the University of Montevallo—including how receiving an MBA degree can expand your career potential.

1. The University of Montevallo’s Master of Business Administration Program is one of the best in the state.

Montevallo’s campus. Photo via the University of Montevallo on Facebook

The UM MBA program has a lot going for it. Students have the option to attend classes in person at their Pelham location, to take classes 100% online, or create their own hybrid schedule of in-person and online classes. You can complete the program in a little over a year if you’d like. And most of all, it is AACSB accredited which is the highest level of accreditation that can be attained.

According to Dr. Tom Sanders, Associate Professor of Management at the University of Montevallo, only about 5% of U.S. business schools have this accreditation and UM College of Business has had it for over three decades! Impressive.

The program really is built to work for anyone:

“It’s for the student eager to launch a career of distinction and the working professional ready to move up, change careers, or maximize earning potential. It’s for enterprising individuals from any industry who want a world-class business degree that’s fast, flexible, and affordable.” 

An excerpt from the UM Stephens MBA page

2. An MBA degree can open doors and expand your career potential.

Dr. Sanders (R) pictured with a Montevallo student (L). Photo via the University of Montevallo on Facebook

During this difficult time economically, job security is imperative. It’s essential that you stand out to employers, and having an MBA will add tremendous value to your credentials to help you not only get but excel in the job.

“There is a saying in HR that, ‘credentials send a signal.’ This simply means that credentials communicate information about a person’s past and about their future potential.”

Dr. Sanders

Dr. Sanders gave an example of a former student competing against two other equally experienced candidates for a desirable position. The former student was selected and asked the company manager why.

“The manager explained that our student was within a couple of courses of finishing our MBA and that these were the types of employees the company was looking to hire—ones that were willing to invest in developing themselves for the future as they could use these employees to build the future of the company.”

Dr. Sanders
Students on their way to last year’s commencement ceremony. Photo via the University of Montevallo on Facebook

According to Dr. Sanders, the present and future benefits of receiving an MBA degree are vast. Some of the most important are the opportunities to:

  • Develop advanced skills in finance, marketing, analytics, project management, strategy, human resources management, and other areas that create value for employers.
  • Build leadership, communication, and collaboration skills essential in modern knowledge-based organizations.
  • Create + expand professional networks with fellow students, MBA alums, and business leaders that are valuable contacts for the future.

“Earning an MBA can be a transformative experience in terms of how it will change your capabilities and the opportunities it can open up for you.”

Dr. Sanders

3. The GMAT or GRE will be temporarily waived for fall 2020 admission.

There’s still time to apply to Montevallo’s MBA program for this fall. Photo via the University of Montevallo on Facebook

With test centers closed and tests canceled, colleges across the country are temporarily waiving the GMAT or GRE test for admission for the fall 2020 semester—Montevallo included.

Currently, their application only requires you to submit your resume, transcript and two letters of recommendation. And, there is still time to apply for the fall semester. Get more information regarding the application process online.

Interested in pursuing your MBA degree? Here are some words of advice from Dr. Sanders:

Montevallo students taking a stroll around the campus last spring. Photo via the University of Montevallo on Facebook

It’s important that those interested to do their due diligence in their pursuit—that includes choosing a program that is flexible and fits your schedule or situation. 

“I think the more flexibility the better—as I did my MBA while I was working full-time as a manager and had a family… The UM Stephens MBA is flexible. Students can attend the program full-time or part-time, and classes are offered both in the classroom, in the evening and online so students can shift back and forth depending on which format works best for them each week.”

Dr. Sanders

Another very important aspect to consider is the cost of the program. Compared to other similarly accredited programs, the University of Montevallo Stephens College of Business MBA has a low price point. And according to their site, an investment in an MBA degree at UM can yield $1M over the course of your career. Wow.

Does this all sound like something you’d be interested in? Visit their site or schedule an information session to learn about their requirements, prerequisites and more benefits.

Ready to apply? Dig into their application information here or email the MBA Program Director, Gary Johnson, for more info.

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