From middle school to adulthood, 7 Birmingham entry points into the tech field

Birmingham, Innovate Birmingham
Learning at Innovate Birmingham. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

Computing careers not only offer high salaries and job security, but they also provide meaningful work to our world. Technology such as apps that connect victims of violence to resources or computer programs that keep healthcare workers safe from COVID-19 are increasingly becoming things we can’t live without. If you’re not sure where to get started or are looking for a job in the field, Birmingham organizations can help.


The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) recognizes that for the computing world to truly succeed, it needs inclusion. Not everyone is encouraged to pursue tech interestest based on disabilities, gender and other factors.

NCWIT’s programs start all the way from middle school, some of the most influential years for young women, and lead initiatives that help women into full STEM-based careers.

2. Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Birmingham Society of Women Engineers From middle school to adulthood, 7 Birmingham entry points into the tech field
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day in February. Photo via Birmingham Society of Women Engineers’ Facebook

Did you know in 2014 only 3.2% of female freshmen came in with the intention of pursuing a degree in engineering, math, statistics, or computer science, according to SWE? SWE is a national organization with a chapter in Birmingham that encourages and educates young women about the different aspects of engineering.

3. STREAM Innovations

What’s the best way to ensure innovation in future career field? Expose the concepts to students early. Between coding bootcamps, interactive activities and enrichment lessons STREAM covers all bases when promoting engagement among elementary and middle school students.

4. Innovate Birmingham

Birmingham, Innovate Birmingham
Students hard at work. Photo via Innovate Birmingham

Right in the heart of the Magic City, Innovate Birmingham meets our state’s demand for a tech sector workforce. As tech permeates every inch of our life Innovate is determined to find the right spot for you through their training programs. Ultimately, the goal is to get YOU to provide solutions to longstanding local and national problems.

5. TechBirmingham

Ed Farm 20200227 181659 From middle school to adulthood, 7 Birmingham entry points into the tech field
TechBirmingham President Deon Gordon. Photo by Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Phew, where to start with TechBirmingham? The nonprofit does A LOT for Birmingham when it comes to recruiting talent, assisting local tech programs and compiling resources for you to get involved in the tech world. The team hosts virtual business events and are even working to bring innovation and technology into classrooms through ED Farm.

6. Women Who Code Birmingham

women who code Birmingham via their facebook From middle school to adulthood, 7 Birmingham entry points into the tech field
Women who code hosts a variety of events from when to use certain algorithms to career stories. Photo via Women Who Code’s Facebook

Women Who Code has a supportive and resourceful community to lead you through the next steps if you’re looking to get recognized in the tech industry or level up your career. Not only are you connected with other women in STEM fields, but you can participate in discussions and tutorials for learning hard and soft skills.

7. Covalence

covalence From middle school to adulthood, 7 Birmingham entry points into the tech field
Covalence. Photo via Covalence’s Facebook

A partner with Innovation Depot, Covalence educates future developers front-end and full-stack development skills through an accelerated model. If you bring your ambition and drive, Covalence ensures their program is teaching you exactly what Birmingham employers are searching for, like Shipt, Amazon and Bank of America.


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