Birmingham demands data analysts–here’s how Innovate Birmingham is filling the gap


Data Analysts
Haley Kendrick, director of Innovate Birmingham. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

Whether it’s sales figures, market research, logistics or more, every business is increasingly driven by data and analytics. However, that data is only valuable when an analyst deciphers it into plain English.

As demand for data analysts grows, Innovate Birmingham is dedicated to fostering tech talent right here in Birmingham. See how you could start a career in data analytics with a big pay bump!

What Do Data Analysts Do?

Data Analysts
Students learning how to analyze data. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

In our digital day and age, companies are collecting more data than ever before. However, that data is no good if it just takes up space on a server. Companies need people who can translate the data and tell them what it means.

Data analysts visualize and interpret data through various programs in order to turn 1s and 0s into valuable business decisions. Despite the intimidating name, a data analyst does not have to be a tech expert.

On some level, all of us are data analysts. Do you track your bank account balance, your sleep schedule, or your heart-rate on your phone? When you make informed personal decisions based on this, you’re technically analyzing your own data.

Understanding Birmingham’s Shortage of Data Talent

Data Analysts
Learning at Innovate Birmingham. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

Every industry is seeing an increase in the need for data workers, as more and more data is collected about business processes daily.

Haley Kendrick, Director, Innovate Birmingham

As the business world continues to modernize, each industry is seeing an increase in the need for data workers. Every day, more and more data is collected about day-to-day business processes. Whether your official title is data analyst or not, you’re likely collecting and interpreting data all the time.

However, there is a shortage of data-talented workers throughout the nation. Especially with Birmingham’s recent growth in technology, demand for data analysts is outstripping supply.

“Demand for data-literate workers is so high, it’s hard for us to recruit and retain qualified employees. By the time we are ready to hire an applicant, they’ve received five other offers, negotiated a signing bonus and joined a private company.”

Patrick McLendon, Director/CTO for the City of Birmingham

Here’s How Innovate Birmingham is Filling the Gap

Data Analysts
Robin Hunt and data analyst candidates from Innovate Birmingham. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

“As a data instructor at Innovate Birmingham, my biggest fear has always been people self-canceling themselves out of the field because they don’t know what “data” is and they are scared of the word “analyst.”

Robin Hunt, Data Instructor, Innovate Birmingham

Since Birmingham has a shortage of data analysts, Innovate Birmingham has partnered with ThinkData Solutions to offer a program to turn inexperienced students into professionals. Innovate Birmingham’s Data Analytics course is a 14-week tech bootcamp that trains students in the fundamentals of data analysis.

During the bootcamp, students learn how to interpret data through several programs, including Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Access, and Tableau. Since the Data Analytics bootcamp was specifically designed for someone with zero experience, students come from a variety of different backgrounds and skill levels.

Alumni Easily Find Employment

In order to give their graduates a competitive edge, Innovate Birmingham has several employer partners. For example, Innovate Birmingham partnered with Syntropy Group to find a home for Heidi Moos and Chris Alexander, two recent graduates.

In Birmingham, the average salary for a data analyst is nearly $60,000 a year!

“We have hired several graduates of Innovate Birmingham’s program over the past year. They are smart, have strong technical skills, are eager to learn, and work well in a team environment. “

David Splawn, Partner at Syntropy Group

Jumpstart Your Career with the Data Analytics Bootcamp

8D0A0685 Birmingham demands data analysts–here's how Innovate Birmingham is filling the gap
Students of Innovate Birmingham giving a presentation. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

Want to join Innovate Birmingham and become part of Birmingham’s tech? Apply to the Data Analytics bootcamp by March 13 in order to take part in Innovate Birmingham’s next bootcamp. It just might change your life.

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