DeSoto Caverns reopens with new attractions, special deals and safety precautions


Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Experience the astounding beauty and history of the cave at DeSoto Caverns. Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

After closure due to COVID-19, DeSoto Caverns has officially reopened for business and is ready to welcome you back! With updated safety measures in place and new attractions to take in during your next visit, you’re sure to have fun and stay well on your next adventure to DeSoto Caverns. 

Safety Precautions

Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Who wouldn’t jump for joy at DeSoto Caverns? Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

Safety is the number one priority at DeSoto Caverns, which is why they have partnered with experts to analyze interactions throughout the park and create a safe environment for their team and guests.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of safety measures they are taking:

  • Attraction sites are undergoing regular cleanings between guests.
  • Attractions that would require close contact and extensive cleaning between guests have been closed.
  • Social distancing signs have been placed throughout the park to provide friendly reminders to respect one another and physically distance from others. Team members are also ensuring guests follow social distancing rules. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the park.
  • Cave Tours have been reduced to groups of 25.
  • Hours of operation have been limited to Thursday-Monday, 10AM-5:30PM and Sunday 1-5PM.
Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Have you tried gemstone panning? Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

DeSoto Caverns also chose to delay opening to ensure a strategic protocol was in place and to ensure they were equipped with all necessary supplies to provide a safe environment for guests and their team.

Simplified Ticketing

Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Grab the crew and head to DeSoto Caverns for family fun. Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

Ticketing at DeSoto Caverns has also been given a safety boost. The park is now offering simplified ticketing that prioritizes safety in an effort to create a better experience for guests. So say hello to all-inclusive wristbands!

These handy bands not only grant you entrance to the park, but allow access to:

  • Guided tours of America’s Most Historic Caverns
  • Unlimited attractions
  • All-new craft artisan demos
  • Streetmosphere shows and strolling entertainment
  • Character quests
  • Coming Soon: Pathway of Legends

What’s more, they provide an easy way for DeSoto Caverns to keep track of how many are inside the park. They also help limit points of contacts. Just purchase one bracelet instead of separate attraction tickets throughout the park.

Purchase your all-inclusive wristbands online or at DeSoto Caverns’ Brochure Hut.

Pricing and Discounts

Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

All-inclusive gate wristbands: Child (4-11) + Senior (65+) – $44.99 | Adult – $49.99

Want to save some cash? During the month of June, enjoy $15 off the price of all-inclusive gate wristbands during the month of June with FunDay Mondays.

To snag the deal, purchase your tickets on Mondays in June between 10AM and11:30AM at the park’s gift shop.

Attractions to Explore

1. Cavern Tours

Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Go on a guided tour of the caverns. Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

DeSoto Caverns is America’s Most Historic Caverns. Not only is it the first cave on record in the United States, but it also has the largest quantity of gemstone quality onyx in the country making it a beautiful destination for you and yours!

Here are some things you’ll learn about during your tour:

  • Native American History dating back over 2,000 years.
  • A beautiful underground Laser Sound and Light Show that takes place on every tour.
  • The scientific process of the development of unique formations within the caverns, including the Caverns’ hanging draperies, which are the second-longest recorded in the world!
  • An area that was once known as the Cavern Tavern where moonshine was made during Prohibition.

Bonus: the cave remains a 60-degrees year-round, making it the ultimate spot to escape the summer heat.

2. Craft Artisan Demos

Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Learn the art of blacksmithing during Craft Artisan demos. Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

Touring the caverns is just one way to discover historical elements from the past at DeSoto Caverns. You can now gain appreciation of the skills and talents of those who lived and labored with one of the park’s newest attractions—Craft Artisans demos.

Through these informational and intriguing demos, you’ll travel back in time to the sights, sounds and fiery smells of one of Alabama’s oldest crafts—blacksmithing.

3. Streetmosphere Shows and Strolling Entertainment

Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Discover awe-inspiring tricks like juggling. Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

One of my favorite things to do at Desoto Caverns is to watch the lively Streetmosphere Shows and Strolling Entertainment that takes place throughout the park. From juggling acts and magic tricks to character questions that take you on a riddle-filled adventure, there’s plenty to discover just by strolling along.

4. Coming Soon: Pathway of Legends

Coming soon, DeSoto Caverns is proud to present the Pathway of Legends. This new experience allows guests to relax in a gazebo while listening to tales shared of legendary Alabama individuals, who created the better today we all enjoy.

The first legendary individual featured will be Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame recipient Ida Mathis, who purchased DeSoto Caverns in 1912. And even before women had the right to vote, she was recognized by President Woodrow Wilson for her intellect and leadership and others credited her efforts for helping both her state and nation through WWI.

5. The Cave Cafe

Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns
Mmm… fudge! Photo courtesy of DeSoto Caverns

With the many attractions at DeSoto Caverns keeping you busy, be sure to refuel your tummies with a trip to the Cave Cafe. Here you’ll find a variety of tasty menu items like chicken tenders, chicken salad sandwiches, pizza, and more, as well as delicious desserts like cookies, hand pies, and pastries.

Visitors can save even more by pre-purchasing a meal deal along with their inclusive wristbands. This savings of almost $2 includes a souvenir cup with free unlimited refills all day long! 

Plan Your Visit Now!

Are you ready to plan your trip to DeSoto Caverns? Visit the park Thursdays-Mondays between 10AM-5:30PM and Sundays from 1-5PM. Buy your tickets now!

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