5 u-pick berry farms a short drive from Birmingham—open NOW + simple strawberry pie recipe

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As you can see, I’m berry happy with my basket. Photo via Bham Now.

Did you know you can measure 6ft apart using rows of strawberries? It’s a social distancing approved activity, you’re supporting local farms and a beautiful break from taking laps around the neighborhood. Go for a drive, get outside and enjoy this amazing Birmingham spring—plus take a look at how I used my berries for drink, dinner and dessert.

Before you pick up that basket…

Strawberries are picky, people, so keep in mind hours may be adjusted due to weather or other factors. Generally, most of the farms open at 8AM, but could be sold out by 2PM. Be sure to call or check the social media of all these locations before heading out with strawberry dreams.

1. Jerry Marsh Farms

What a glorious sight. Photo via Bham Now.

In addition to strawberries, Jerry Marsh Farms offers tomatoes for $4 a cup or $8 a basket, yellow and black cherry tomatoes for $2 a cup, green tomatoes and sweet onions.

A little deconstructed, but just as tasty. Scroll to the bottom for the recipe on this bad boy. Photo via Bham Now.
  • Where: 234 Marsh Cut Off Rd. Cleveland, Alabama
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 8AM-5PM
  • Call | Facebook

2. Witt Farms

  • Where: 475 Peachtree Dr, Hayden, AL 35079
  • Hours: Vary, call or check social ahead
  • Call | Facebook | Website

3. Sugar Hill U-Pick

  • Where: 3595 Co Rd 59, Verbena, AL 36091
  • Hours: Vary, call or check social ahead
  • Call | Facebook

4. Holmestead Farm

Big boyz. Photo via Holmestead Farm’s Facebook.

Yes, this place worth the drive. Along with beautiful scenery on your way there, Holmestead farm sells peach and apple fried pie. Enough said.

  • Where: 6582 Co Rd 7, Talladega, AL 35160
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:30-5PM | Sunday 1-5PM
  • Call | Facebook

5. Judy Bee’s Honey and Berry Farm—opening SOON

Blueberries on vanilla ice cream can’t be beat. Photo via Judy Bee’s Honey and Berry Farm.
  • Where: 1601 Downs Rd. Mount Olive, Alabama
  • Hours: Vary, call or check social ahead
  • Call | Facebook

The fun doesn’t end once you leave the farm

I think it’s safe to say more bread was baked and more Tik Tok dances were learned in the year of 2020 than ever before. Having two baskets of strawberries gave me something to do besides endless scrolling and undercooking bread.

Easy (emphasis on easy) drinks, snacks and dessert using your berries


Pop the Processco and drop a few of these babies in. That’s it. That’s the recipe. Our friends at Queen’s Park or another Birmingham cocktail bar could come up with something a little more elaborate.

Dinner, sorta

Ok, I know I use this phrase a lot, but really name a better duo than strawberries and bananas. Photo via Bham Now.

Again, simplicity is KEY! I never claimed to be a chef, but adding some blueberries in there would really make the salad shine. Obviously, unless you’re a guinea pig, this isn’t dinner—but it makes a delicious side dish.


I may or may not have had a full on photoshoot with my piece of pie. Photo via Bham Now.

This is the most complicated recipe of this article, so get ready.

  • Crush 1 cup of the berries, put in a saucepan and stir in 3 T cornstarch, 2/3 cup sugar and a dash of salt.
  • Next, stir in 1/2 cup boiling water and heat until thick.
  • Arrange 3 cups berries in a baked pie shell. Cover with glaze.
  • Chill and serve with whipped cream (I made my own by simply taking a beater to a cup or so of heavy whipping cream).
*Chef’s Kiss* that’s all for now, folks. Photo via Bham Now.

Do you know of more berry farms open or opening soon? Give us a shout on social @bhamnow!

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