The World Games Birmingham announces new dates for July 2022—including insight from Nick Sellers

The World Games ceremony
Raise your hand if you can’t wait for The Games to come to Birmingham! Photo via The World Games.

The world is coming to Birmingham—just a little bit later than originally planned. The World Games Birmingham has been rescheduled to take place on July 7-17, 2022. Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games Birmingham, provided insight to Bham Now about the decision. Keep reading for more details including the event’s positive outlook.

Why did The World Games Birmingham postpone?

The benefit of a little bit more time to get through this pandemic—and we will get through it, we will prevail and when we do, it will be a strong sense of connection that I believe is needed in our community, country and the world.

Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games Birmingham

We’re living in uncertain times where events are getting postponed left and right. There were lots of concerns surrounding the Tokyo Olympic Games originally scheduled for this summer. Due to health concerns, the Olympic Games were rescheduled to from this summer to July 2021. Guess what that interfered with? Yep, The World Games 2021.

Luckily, The World Games is still bringing the global, multi-sport celebrations to Birmingham. It will feature the same exciting sporting events and ceremonies, along with showcasing why Birmingham is considered “The Magic City”.

The World Games Birmingham’s new dates come with some benefits.

Legion Field world games
Legion Field will host the World Games’ opening ceremony. Photo via The World Games 2021 Facebook.

The postponement of The Games wasn’t an easy decision, but is the right one on behalf of athletes, sponsors, fans and Birmingham. Since there are several overlapping entities involved with The Olympics and The World Games, it would put a strain on both events if the original dates in July 2021 were kept.

Want to know the best part of the new dates? It’ll be one giant celebration in Birmingham to reconnect with the world after quarantine. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

Having the first international multi-sport event on American soil coming out of this global pandemic will be a huge opportunity for Birmingham to reconnect with each other and reconnect with the world.

Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games Birmingham

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world games 2022
Same exciting celebrations, sports and athletes. Just different dates. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

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