Birmingham companies working together to make The World Games 2021 a success

World Games 1 Birmingham companies working together to make The World Games 2021 a success
The World Games 2021 two-year countdown event. Photo via The World Games 2021

The World Games 2021 is officially two years away, and it’s a big deal for Birmingham. Some notable names are helping to make it possible. We spoke with them to learn more about The Games and what the event means for the Magic City.

Regions, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, Alabama Power, Shipt and Protective Life are all Foundation Partners of The World Games 2021. More info about each company’s involvement and the expected impact of The Games is below.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is the title sponsor of The World Games 2021’s education program, “Live Healthy, Play Global.” The initiative will be rolled out in Birmingham City Schools this coming school year, and more cities across the state will follow. The goal of the program is to ensure students are physically active and globally minded, with a curriculum focused on physical education and social studies. 

“Giving back to the community remains one of our corporate values,” said Sophie Martin, Media Manager for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. “We are consistently looking for opportunities to support health and education initiatives. Sponsoring the World Games 2021 Education Program is a perfect fit because we recognize instilling healthy habits at an early age will help improve the overall health of our state–now and long-term.”


19.03.02 WorldGamesVan0085 Birmingham companies working together to make The World Games 2021 a success
Shipt’s Mobile Marketing Unit. Photo via The World Games 2021

Shipt knew they wanted to get involved with The World Games early. “It was a concerted effort by our teams to invest in a city that invested in us in the beginning,” said Julie Coop, Director of Corporate Communications.  

Shipt is the sponsor of the Mobile Marketing Unit, an interactive experience that you can find around the city of Birmingham. It’s more than just a van–the experience includes trivia, a rock climbing wall and other activities that showcase what The Games is all about.

“It [The Games] brings international attention to Birmingham. It’s a city we know and love, and we’re excited for people outside of the city and country to experience Birmingham.”

Julie Coop, Shipt


Via The World Games 2021 Birmingham companies working together to make The World Games 2021 a success
Photo via The World Games 2021

“The World Games 2021 provides a unique opportunity to showcase Greater Birmingham on the international stage as we host athletes and their families, spectators and the many organizations needed to make this event successful. Regions is excited to partner with the City of Birmingham and the local business community to support The World Games 2021 through a sustained investment that will produce a positive economic impact in the community we call home.”

John Turner, President and CEO of Regions Financial

Protective Life

Protective Life has been an institution in Birmingham for a while–112 years, in fact. “Supporting our community has always been part of our history,” said Rich Bielen, President & CEO of Protective Life. “A big part of that support includes causes that ensure Birmingham continues to be a great place to live and work. The World Games will not only have a positive economic development impact for Birmingham, but it also provides an opportunity to celebrate people coming together and highlighting our city for an international audience.”

Protective Life is sponsoring The World Games 2021 Athlete of the Day, which will bring awareness to the athletes and their stories. Athletes compete across a variety of sports, including many you don’t hear about too often (artistic roller skating, anyone?).

Alabama Power

the world games 2021 Birmingham companies working together to make The World Games 2021 a success
Photo via The World Games 2021 on Facebook

Jonathan Porter is Alabama Power’s VP for the Birmingham Division. He’s also the Chairman of the Birmingham Organizing Committee for the 2021 World Games. “Alabama Power was built on service to Alabamians,” he said. “We knew this would be important to so many of the people and communities we serve, and we are in a position to be a catalyst for the businesses, sponsors, organizations and volunteers who will make World Games 2021 a success in Birmingham.”

“As a community, we are ready to take the spotlight and show the world who we are and what we can do. Just as important are the lessons we can learn about cooperation, and what we all can accomplish when we work toward a common interest. When we do things right, the world will fall in love with Birmingham, and we can love ourselves too.”

Jonathan Porter, Alabama Power

More about The World Games 2021

The World Games 2021 will take place July 15-25, 2021. Athletes from across the globe will compete in 33 sports. It’s expected to generate an estimated $256 million in economic impact for Birmingham. 

We’re excited for 2021!

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