Support local! 675 businesses and non-profits offering curbside and online ordering.

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We might all look a little mysterious with our masks and all, but this young lady is putting herself on the front lines to serve you and me.

Looking for ways to support local? 589 local entities have signed up for Bham Now’s all FREE Local Business Guide and Non-Profit Guide. The guides are chock full of over 93 special deals, curbside pickup, online ordering and donation opportunities. Add your business here and your non-profit here for free.

What is it?

Ignite Cycle is hosting virtual dance parties—sounds like our kind of workout! Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Are you a local business owner or marketing manager? Fill out this quick, easy form (It’s FREE, we promise) to be included in Bham Now’s local business guides. We want to share your information on online orders, virtual classes, curbside pickup, etc—which we could all use right now.


Bham Now’s local guides are proudly sponsored by Regions Bank.

Information includes:

  • How to order online (or via phone)
  • Virtual classes
  • Curbside pickup (over 213 options!)
  • Special offers

Your information will be used to create important local guides that Bham Now will publish for the greater Birmingham area. Here’s our latest example.

Why are we doing this?

Now’s the time to lather up! Freedom Soaps is a perfect option for all-natural suds.

The goal is to help our community in these uncertain times and support Birmingham businesses at the same time.

At Bham Now, we ❤️local. We believe local businesses and non-profits are what make Birmingham so special. From Highlands Bar and Grill to Freedom Soaps to Ignite Cycle, local businesses reflect the true personality of what makes Birmingham, Birmingham.

We know that you have needs for meals, groceries, workout classes, medication, gifts, auto service and more while you’re living and working from your home and we want to help.

Stay Strong, Birmingham

The perfect treat for your movie marathon—Honeycreeper Chocolate.

Thank you for sharing this message with your friends and other business associates. Reminder: there is NO charge for having this important information published on Bham Now.

We appreciate you and the Birmingham area for being part of Bham Now. We want to make Birmingham people and businesses as strong and healthy as possible.

Local Birmingham restaurants offering curbside pick-up—let us know more!

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