Whistling Table in Forest Park is OPEN for breakfast and lunch!

The closing of the beloved V. Richard’s gourmet grocery in Forest Park’s tiny downtown left a hole on Clairmont Ave. for several years.  With bated breath, locals have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Whistling Table. That day is here.  Whistling Table, owned by Mac Russell, is now open and serving breakfast and lunch.

A look at Whistling Table

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A little bit of ‘Good’ by Sean Dietrich

Sean Dietrich Sean of the south
Sean Dietrich

Like many of you, on this day before the Alabama Senate race, I’ve become weary from the minute-by-minute headlines of political bashing.  And (hello!) we live in the thick of it right here in Birmingham, Alabama.  But, my cousin e-mailed a copy of Good, by Sean Dietrich, to me over the weekend.  What a welcome reminder that good is around us, in the most common places, if we just take a moment to notice. Continue reading “A little bit of ‘Good’ by Sean Dietrich”