I took 6AM classes at Orangetheory and it transformed my entire week. Here’s what I learned.


Orangetheory coaches
I can confirm that the coaches will make you smile even when you’re doing squats. Photo via Orangetheory.

I didn’t even think my eyes were capable of opening before 6AM, but Orangetheory is all about pushing yourself. I can honestly say after a workout with Orangetheory, you will come to work in the best mood.

Since I did all the heavy lifting (literally) for you, take a look at what you can expect the first time you take a class. Also, find out how you can win big with Orangetheory’s three month Transformation Challenge.

How does it work?

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Bonus: whatever playlist they use is bomb. Seriously, I pretended I was in a music video for most of the class. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

High-intensity training is just that—intense. However, each 60-minute class at Orangetheory is led by a highly trained coach who manages to be motivating without scaring you off like my middle school track coach did.

A great part about the class is even though you’re in there with around 20 to 30 people, it’s still completely personal. You work with a trainer to set goals ahead of class. Where one person’s goals may be to lose 15 lbs, another’s may be to walk up their apartment stairs with groceries without having to catch their breath (looking at myself here.)

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When you come in, you’re given the option to start on either the rowing machine or treadmill—choose wisely. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

Additionally, the more they get to know you, the better they know what you’re capable of doing and what you need help with. Part of this is due to the Performance Tracker you wear on your wrist during the workout that monitors your performance and saves it.

Honestly, I felt like I was playing a little video game watching my progress on-screen throughout the class. The Performance Tracker will show you in five-colored zones throughout the workout, with you trying to focus specifically on hitting orange and red. When you hit these colors, you now have scientific proof you’re achieving your best workout.

Another great part about the Performance Tracker is it keeps you safe. Since its technology is backed by science you’re able to get an accurate reading of your heart rate and recognize your limits.

What makes Orangetheory different than any other gym?

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Throw in a “watch the same series on Netflix for the 20th time” and this shirt has my life mapped out. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

I think a lot of people can relate to this problem when you start working out—accountability. Whether your goal is three times a week for an hour or nearly every day, it’s not easy to stick to it.

The best part about Orangetheory is they’re a built-in workout buddy that you can’t convince to go get sushi with you instead. It’s also not like a typical gym membership that’s happy to take your money and say “Sayonara!”

In addition to trainers who check up on you if you’ve been missing classes lately, you feel a sense of community as soon as you walk in the door. There’s a 90% chance someone will give you a high five within the first 5 seconds of being there—whether it’s a coach or member.

While the sense of community is great, they don’t let you slide by without doing anything but your best. You won’t get yelled like a drill sergeant, but trainers do encourage, support and motivate you through each exercise.

Speaking of transformation…

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See how happy I am signing up for the Transformation Challenge, even after a week of morning classes? Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now.

If there’s one thing you won’t get out of Orangetheory, it’s boredom. While each day features different workouts and routines, they also host challenges and promotions throughout the year.

Seeing how my week was changed after just a few classes, I’ve decided to take on the 8-week Transformation Challenge (TC). Here’s what it is in a nutshell:

  • What: An 8-week challenge, running over the course of three months, encouraging participants to transform their body with Orangetheory
  • When: Monday January 20th-March 15th
  • Rules: Work out on a minimum of three days per week for six out of the eight-week event duration.
  • Prizes: $500 cash to the male and female who shed the highest percentage of body fat according to the InBody Scanner.  

Stay tuned for my results and place bets on how long I’ll keep attending the early morning classes before I opt for the afternoon ones.

A Transformation Challenge Membership for new joins is available now through Jan.17. Interested? Find out more information here.

Check out Orangetheory on Facebook and Instagram for more new year’s motivation.

Want to try a class for free? Have more questions about memberships? Check out your local Orangetheory studio I’ve conveniently mapped out for you below:

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