3.14 ways to celebrate National Pi(e) Day in the comfort of your own home

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This looks like my kinda day in. Photo via Unsplash

We’ll use any excuse to celebrate here at Bham Now. National holidays? Happy hour? Sign us up. March 14 is National Pi(e) Day in the U.S.—check out 3.14 ways to celebrate right here in Birmingham.

Pi Day or Pie Day?

alex loup aX ljOOyWJY unsplash 3.14 ways to celebrate National Pi(e) Day in the comfort of your own home
Ok, I think we can all agree we need this in our lives. Photo via Unsplash

Ok, Birmingham. Time to think alllll the way back to high school math. Remember this (π) little guy? Also known as pi, mathematicians use the symbol to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

The number is technically infinite, but it’s widely accepted at the 3.14 cutoff. Hence Pi Day on March 14 (3.14).

With all the COVID-19 craziness, we know you might be staying in this weekend (and for the foreseeable future). Here are 3 ways to celebrate from the comfort of your own home!

1—Pick up Something Sweet

Birmingham has no shortage of delicious desserts. Swing by one of these famous local spots to bring a pie (or a dozen—hey, we’re stocking up, right?) home today!

2—Order in Something Savory

My personal favorite pie: a pizza pie. In college, my roommate and I could survive off of one large pizza for an entire weekend. It keeps well in the fridge, you can eat it hot or cold and at any time of day—plus it’s filling.

National Pizza Day (another great holiday) was just last month, and we dug up 12 pizzerias slinging dough in Birmingham. Order directly from one of these or hop on the Waitr app, place an order with one of the following pizza hotspots and enjoy—while supporting local business, of course.

  • Post Office Pies
  • Iron City Pizza Co.
  • Little Italy’s Pies and Pints
  • Donatos Pizza
  • Godfather’s Pizza
  • Brixx Wood-Fired Pizza
  • Slice
  • Marco’s Pizza
  • Salvatore’s Pizza and Pasta
  • Plus a whole bunch more!

3.14—Have a Pie Baking Party

sheri silver tWOt1vRvob4 unsplash scaled 3.14 ways to celebrate National Pi(e) Day in the comfort of your own home
Whoever baked this definitely wins the contest. Photo via Unsplash

This one is particularly good for those of you who might have some very bored kiddos at home. Have a pie baking day and test your skill + creativity. Competitive roommates? Raise the stakes: whoever makes the best pie gets control of the Netflix selections for a day.

For those of us who don’t stay stocked on all the pie essentials, get them delivered! Place an order with a local grocery delivery service:

  • CostcoGrocery
  • Instacart will deliver from Publix, Aldi, Sprouts, CVS, Sam’s Club, Fresh Market, Publix Greenwise Market + Restaurant Depot
  • The Pig (via Shipt)
  • Shipt (they’ll deliver alcohol and household items, too)

Stay safe out there, Bham!

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