5 Alabama bakeries welcoming those with dietary restrictions

Alabama dietary friendly bakeries
Like those Little Debbie snack cakes, but upgraded. Photo via Joyful Food Co.’s Website.

A couple of my friends have been on the Whole 30 diet this month, and it’s really shown me how restrictive certain diets can be. Whether it’s a preference or you have a food allergy—here are a few Alabama dietary friendly bakeries that make it easier!

1.Sunrise Baking Company

Brownies from Alabama dietary friendly bakery
Would you believe the main ingredients in these brownies are almond butter and eggs? To make it a Keto-friendly option, they use Lily’s Dark chocolate chips. Photo via Sunrise Baking Company’s Facebook.

In addition to being gluten-free, this online Birmingham bakery has mouthwatering keto-friendly options from fudgy brownies to blueberry almond muffins.

The best part? Us Birminghamians can pick it up locally! Also, you can find the Alabama dietary friendly bakery around the city at various pop-ups, such as the Market at Pepper Place. Just follow their Instagram to stay in the know.

  • Dietary restriction: Grain, dairy, gluten & refined sugar-free, paleo and keto options
  • How to order: Every Sunday their weekly menu is sent directly to you by email, reply with your order no later than noon Tuesday.
  • Location: They’ll arrange the delivery and pick-up from one of their locations through email
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram

2.Fathead Fanny

cupcakes from Fathead Fanny Alabama dietary friendly bakeries
Nope, you’re not dreaming, these Nutella cupcakes are 100% Keto and there’s plenty more where that came from. Photo via Fathead Fanny’s Facebook.

The keto diet didn’t look too hard for me until I realized you can’t have sugar, like any sugar—who wants to live in that world?

Luckily, you can easily plan a mini road trip to Fathead Fanny in Decatur,AL—it’s an actual certified keto bakery! Fathead Fanny is a brand from Clover Coffee, LLC that serves their goods in-store, but also ships worldwide.

And boy—do they have options. The bakery serves keto-friendly cupcakes, doughnuts, scones, muffins and pretty much anything else you could think up.

  • Dietary-restriction: keto-friendly
  • Hours: 6AM-2PM, Mon.- Sat.
  • Location: 717 Highway 67 South, Suite 12, Decatur, AL 35603
  • Contact: Facebook | Email

3. The Joyful Food Co.

brownies from speciality Alabama bakery
These brownies are going to be on my mind for the rest of the week. Photo via Joyful Food Co.’s Facebook.

Joyful Food Co. is Alabama’s ONLY 100% gluten-free and paleo-friendly food co., and it’s right here in Birmingham. Trust me, no sacrifice is made when you get a sweet from here. Plus the options are endless—just take a look at the menu.

While the bakery is online, local residents (that’s us) can pick up orders in-store or even have them delivered. I love having the option of a cherry cobbler showing up at my door.

  • Dietary restriction: gluten-free and paleo-friendly
  • Hours: 10AM-7PM Mon.- Fri., 10AM-4PM Sat., 1PM-4PM Sun.
  • Location: 759 Shades Mountain Plaza Bluff Park, AL 35226
  • Contact: Call | Website | Email | Facebook

4.Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro

gluten free macaroons 5 Alabama bakeries welcoming those with dietary restrictions
This is the definition of “too pretty to eat.” Photo via Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro’s Facebook.

We know you hate to leave Birmingham, but if you do let it be for the treats at Mason Dixon Bakery in Huntsville. The Alabama dietary friendly bakery and restaurant is 100% gluten-free and 200% delicious.

If you looked at their menu and decided you can’t wait until the next time you’re in that area, they have online ordering!

  • Dietary-restriction: gluten-free, some paleo options
  • Hours: 7AM-6PM Mon.-Fri, 8AM-4PM Sat.
  • Location: 2358 Whitesburg Dr, Huntsville, AL 35801
  • Contact: Call | Website | Email |Facebook

5. Liberated Specialty Foods

pumpkin whoopie pies
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies— cinnamon-infused honey cream frosting between two large fluffy cookies. Enough said. Photo via Liberated Specialty Foods’ Facebook.

Having an uncle with celiac disease, I know how frustrating it is for him when it comes to finding food out that he can enjoy. At Liberated Speciality Foods, they cater to a large variety of dietary restrictions.

Between cupcakes, biscottis, and cookies—there’s definitely something for everyone regardless of food allergy or diet.

  • Dietary restriction: Keto, Paleo, Kosher, SCD™, GAPS™, GMO-Free, gluten & grain-free, diabetic, lactose-free options
  • Hours: 7AM-2PM, Mon-Fri.
  • Location: 9048 Segers Rd, Madison, AL 35756
  • Contact: Email | Website | Facebook

Didn’t see your favorite bakery on this list? Not to worry, many of our Birmingham bakeries, such as Dreamcakes, offer options for your diet, just call and ask!

Who did we leave off the list? Let us know on social @bhamnow!

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