7 powerful Birmingham-based speakers you need to know at Momentum 2020—Mar. 11-12

April Benetollo is Momentum's Executive Director
April Benetollo, Momentum’s CEO at the 2018 Conference. Photo via Erin Tunnel

Did you know Alabama’s largest leadership conference is just around the corner? Momentum Conference 2020 is March 11-12 at The BJCC. Get your tickets before February 20. Now, meet seven powerful speakers who’ll transform the way you work and lead.

Momentum Conference 2020
Your vision. Your future. Graphic from Momentum Conference 2020.

We’ve written about the conference before, focusing on big-name speakers who’ll be coming in for the event. This time, we wanted to give you a slice of some of the home-grown talent that’ll help attendees take their careers to the next level. So here goes.

1. Up your networking game with Ashlee Ammons of Mixtroz.

Birmingham, Alabama, Birmingham Innovation Week
Ashlee Ammons, co-founder of Mixtroz, working the room at a local event. Photo via Innovation Depot.

Who better to teach networking than Ashlee Ammons of Mixtroz? I’m lucky enough to work in the same building with Ashlee and her mom Kerry Schrader, and when I tell you these women are great at connecting people, believe it. This dynamic mother-daughter duo entered the tech space to create the most fantastic networking app around—Mixtroz.

2. Love Brené Brown? Then you’ll adore Drs. Julie McDonald and Lisa Graham.

McDonald Graham
Dr. Lisa Graham and Dr. Julie McDonald, organizational psychologists and dynamic, inspiring leaders. Photo via McDonald Graham

Most people know researcher Brené Brown from her 2010 TEDx Talk on “The Power of Vulnerability” or this 2012 TEDx Talk on “Listening to Shame.”

Since then, she’s created a program called “Dare to Lead.” We’re lucky enough to have Brené Brown-certified trainers offering two workshops at the conference.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Dr. Julie McDonald and Dr. Lisa Graham, I promise you’ll laugh as much as you’ll learn, and you’ll come away with a whole new perspective.

Know you wanna go? Get your tickets before February 20.

3. Ashley Gann has a few things to say about gender equity in the workplace.

Did you know women make up only 8% of Chief Meteorologists nationally? Ashley Gann, Ashley Gann’s only female Chief Meteorologist, certainly does. And she’ll be bringing her knowledge of gender equality in the workplace to the conference.

Plus, Ashley Gann and her family are doing a year sabbatical in an RV, and she’s a graduate of Space Camp, so you know she’s cool.

4. Have fun with improv theater breakouts at Momentum Conference 2020.

You know the old saying: “All work and no play…” What better way to break out of a rut and challenge yourself to think and act in new ways than an improv class?

If you enjoy high levels of interaction, head to the improv theater breakouts facilitated by Doug O’Neil of Extemporaneous Theater Company and Scott Pierce from Birmingham Improv Theater. You’ll learn a lot and have a great time doing it.

5. Connect movement, heart and mind with Kathy Boswell.

Kathy Boswell, currently serving as VP of Community Engagement for the World Games 2021 in Birmingham, has been a leader in both professional and spiritual arenas before this, and brings her wealth of experience to Momentum Conference 2020.

Her workshop introduces participants to something called UAGO, which is “a unique inspirational movement session that interactively incorporates a familiar story, stretching movements and songs. The workshop is very interactive! Participants will leave with a NEW way to connect mind, body and heart. This will help them serve more intentionally in the places they lead.”

6. Get in the driver’s seat of your career with Barbara Mason.

Wherever you find yourself in your career, Barbara Mason, CEO of Career Pathways, is someone you definitely want to know.

“Barbara believes that true job satisfaction comes from a place of being in a career that honors who you are and what you value. She has a passion for helping individuals get clarity on their unique career pathway and helping them achieve their career goals.”

Her session will focus on the five pillars of career growth, and you’ll leave with new clarity and direction. I met Barbara a couple of years ago and know I wouldn’t be where I am now without the work we did together. She is fabulous!

7. The whole conference is set up to help you become the best leader you can be.

T-shirts at the expo at a previous Momentum conference
We are smarter stronger better together. Who can argue with that? Photo via Erin Tunnel

The Expo Hall will have these career-building bonuses and more:

  • Free professional headshots: this alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Social media review: sometimes it’s good to get a professional set of eyes on what you’re putting on social media and learn how you can tweak it for the best possible results.
  • Professional stylists: a new look can help you get ready for a new role.

Find all the conference details: session speakers | keynote speakers | conference agenda.

Save your spot at Momentum Conference 2020. Get your tickets by February 20.

Now tell us, Birmingham, are you headed to Momentum Conference 2020? Tag us on social media @bhamnow and let us know. We hope to see you there!

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