Sloss Tech’s Women in Tech panel on August 2 at The Lyric in Birmingham is gonna be awesome. Get your tickets now.


Sloss Tech has a rock-star lineup for its 2019 Women in Tech panel.
A rock-star lineup for the Women in Tech panel at this year’s Sloss Tech. (l-r) Stephanie Cooper, Martha Underwood, April Benetollo, Amanda Raney . . . and, just added (pictured below) Ashley Gann . Photos supplied

Think women don’t play a big role in tech here in Birmingham? Think again.

Sloss Tech 2019 has a rock-star panel of women trailblazers in leadership and tech roles lined up for this year’s event. You can get your ticket here.

What is Sloss Tech?

Sloss Tech isn't just for techie guys. Women are in the lead in tech in Birmingham, too.
From Sloss Tech 2017. From Sloss Tech 2019 Facebook page

Sloss Tech is “the Southeast’s premier tech conference.”

It’s the place to be if you’re in—or want to be—in the city’s tech scene.

You can spend some good quality time with fellow techies IRL and see some incredible speakers who will inspire the heck out of you.

When: Friday, August 2, 8AM-5PM
Where: Lyric Theatre, 1800 Third Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203 

Will Lochamy from Birmingham Mountain Radio will be the emcee for the day, guaranteeing a good time for all.

Who will be on the Sloss Tech Women in Tech Panel?

Four amazing women plus one incredible moderator ensure this will be a panel to remember.

Stephanie Cooper, Moderator

Stephanie Cooper will be the moderator at this year's Sloss Tech Women in Tech panel.
Stephanie Cooper. Photo supplied

Stephanie Cooper is the Vice President of Public Relations and Communications at Alabama Power. She’ll be moderating Sloss Tech’s women in tech panel.

Martha Underwood, Panelist

Martha Underwood is one of the panelists at this year's Sloss Tech Women in Tech panel.

Martha Underwood is a Technologist and Founder at Executive EstrogenTM.

She’s been in transformational leadership for more than 20 years. Now, as a tech leader, she blends her in-depth knowledge of the software implementation life cycle with a drive to help teams find solutions.

Results? Strong teams, “innovative IT solutions, reliably strong ROI and organizational advancement.”

April Benetollo, Panelist

April Benetollo is one of the panelists at this year's Sloss Tech Women in Tech panel.
April Benetollo. Photo supplied

April Benetollo is the current CEO at Momentum Leaders. In case you’re not familiar with Momentum, it’s

Alabama’s premier women’s leadership program. Momentum elevates a diverse group of promising women to achieve their full leadership potential. Why? To impact the cultural, political and business environment of Alabama.

Amanda Raney, Panelist

Amanda Raney is one of this year's Sloss Tech Women in Tech panelists.
Amanda Raney. Photo supplied

Here’s what Sloss Tech has to say about Amanda Raney, who currently serves as First Vice President at Morgan Stanley:

Amanda thinks of new ways to do things and does them. She makes people and idea connections that aren’t obvious, and it usually leads to magic. An entrepreneur at heart, Amanda loves to use her knowledge of capital markets and her 13 years of experience building personal/business financial strategies to help entrepreneurs and executives bridge connections and make smart, informed decisions.

Just added: Ashley Gann, Panelist

ashley gann Sloss Tech's Women in Tech panel on August 2 at The Lyric in Birmingham is gonna be awesome. Get your tickets now.
Ashley Gann, Chief Meteorologist at CBS 42 will be on the panel, too. Photo supplied.

Here’s what we know about Ashley Gann:

[She’s an] advocate for women in science and strongly believes in the value of STEM professions for all. Ashley’s education includes a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Geosciences, concentrating in Broadcast and Operational Meteorology.

I don’t know about you, but that right there is pretty freakin’ awesome. And there’s more:

An American Meteorological Society Certified Broadcast meteorologist, Ashley has worked from Meridian, Mississippi to Atlanta, Georgia. Her move back to Alabama was initially to Montgomery where she became the nation’s youngest female chief meteorologist (at the time).

While part of that title has expired, she still remains the first and only female chief meteorologist in the state. 

Ashley’s also a wife, mom to 3 young children and an active member at her church.

With a panel like that, how can you not want to be in the room? I for one want to be there to hear what they have to say about leadership and Birmingham’s emerging tech scene. If you want to go, too, get your ticket here.

How you can get involved in Sloss Tech 2019

Sloss Tech is an event to remember.
From Sloss Tech 2018. Photo from Sloss Tech 2019 Facebook page

Ready to not be a Sloss Tech social media lurker? Here are a couple of different ways you can get involved:

Want to sponsor the event?

To sponsor Sloss Tech, contact

Reserve your spot now

Get tickets here.

There are single tickets and company packages:

  • $199.00 + $8.56 fee—General Attendance
  • $1500 + $54.09 fee—Company Package (10 tickets at $150 each)

Refunds are available up to seven days before the event.

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