Ready to be the best leader you can be? Get tickets now for Momentum Conference 2020, March 11-12 in Birmingham


Robyn Benincasa knows something about leadership. She's the headlining keynote speaker at Momentum Conference 2020.
I for one can’t wait to hear what Robyn Benincasa, the firefighter second from the left in this picture, has to say about leadership and teamwork in her keynote because she’s kind of amazing. Photo via Robyn Benincasa’s Facebook page

Alabama’s largest leadership conference, Momentum Conference 2020, is coming up March 11-12 at The BJCC, and if you’re a professional, you’ll want to be there.

Registering to attend this conference, which only comes around every two years, is an investment in your career, your network and your life that will pay off in spades. Know you want to seize the moment? Save your spot now.

1. What is Momentum Conference 2020?

Momentum Conference 2020
Your vision. Your future. Graphic from Momentum Conference 2020.

Momentum Conference 2020 is the 5th biennial leadership conference hosted by Momentum. According to their website,

“Momentum is Alabama’s premier women’s leadership program which empowers a diverse group of promising women to develop leadership skills that positively impact business, culture and politics in Alabama.”

April Benetollo is Momentum's Executive Director
April Benetollo, Momentum’s CEO at the 2018 Conference. Photo via Erin Tunnel

Men in management and senior-level leadership roles are welcome and invited to attend, too.

But wait. While the conference is for professional women at all levels of their careers, it’s definitely for men in management and senior-level leadership roles, too. It is a leadership development conference, after all.

Past participants are crazy about this conference.

In 2018, attendees loved this conference so much that 100% of attendees surveyed said they’d recommend it to a friend or colleague. Not 80%. Not 90%. 💯🔥

Here’s what one participant had to say about the 2018 conference:

The conference was filled with an energy like no other.  The keynote speakers were phenomenal and both were amazing and inspiring women who shared stories of personal victories and at times great defeat, but they both were able to overcome their obstacles in tremendous ways.  I think everyone left the conference feeling empowered and motivated to make changes to make life better both professionally and personally.

Takeria N. Stephens, Regions

2. Here’s what you can expect at Momentum Conference 2020

If you haven’t heard of Robin Benincasa, prepare to have your socks knocked off. Video from Robin Benincasa

Robyn Benincasa is 2020’s headline keynote speaker, and wow, is she something. Check out her demo reel above to get a little hint of what you can expect live.

The 2020 Conference will be bigger than ever, attracting 1500 professionals (women and men) from across the state.

There are many ways to learn and connect at Momentum Conference 2020

participants at a Momentum leadership conference
Momentum’s ability to create this kind of energy in the room has only grown stronger since this picture was taken at a previous conference. Photo via Liesa Cole

Here are some highlights taking place at the conference:

  • 3 motivational keynote speakers
  • More than 20 educational breakout sessions on topics such as career development, leadership development, well-being, advocacy and community engagement
  • Expo hall featuring products and services that will make life better for working professionals, including wellness-focused exhibits
  • Conference app to track your schedule
  • Plenty of avenues—digital and IRL—to make great new professional connections
  • Community-focused zone that will help you explore volunteer and board opportunities with local nonprofits
Woman of Impact Award
It’s only fitting that the Woman of Impact Award is named after Momentum’s founder, Barbara Royal. Photo via Erin Tunnel

There will also be an Inspirational Woman of Impact Awards Luncheon.

3 keynote speakers will motivate and inspire participants

March 11: Risha Grant

Risha Grant, Momentum Conference 2020 speaker
Risha Grant takes the awkward out of diversity and inclusion. Photo via Risha Grant’s Facebook page

Risha is an international speaker and author who has won lots and lots of awards. She’s author of “That’s B.S.: How Bias Synapse Disrupts Inclusive Cultures and the Power to Attract Diverse Markets.” Check out her fun and educational “That’s BS! Video Series.”

March 12: Hillary Wicht

Hillary Wicht, Momentum Conference 2020 speaker
Hillary Wicht brings mad skills to the area of how we show up. Photo via Hillary Wicht’s Facebook page

Hillary brings experience as a stage and voice performer, a singer and voiceover artist, behavioral psychology and Somatic Leadership Coaching. According to her website,

Hillary now helps clients generate greater influence so that their messages are heard, their purposes are valued, and the right people take notice. This leads to enormous breakthroughs that pay dividends: higher promotions, larger paychecks, bigger crowds—you name it.

Hillary Wicht

Find out more about Hillary.

March 12: Robyn Benincasa

robynbenincasa Ready to be the best leader you can be? Get tickets now for Momentum Conference 2020, March 11-12 in Birmingham
You know, just hanging around. Photo via Robyn Benincasa’s Facebook page

Robyn Benincasa is a World Champion Adventure Racer, award-winning motivational speaker, 3x Guinness World Record kayaker, San Diego firefighter, 10x Ironman triathlete, New York Times bestselling author, proud owner of two bionic metal hips, and the Founder and CEO of The 501c3 Project Athena Foundation, which helps survivors live an adventurous dream as part of their recovery.

From Robyn Benincasa’s website

Find out more about Robyn.

Know you wanna go? Get your tickets now.

3. Benefits you’ll gain from going to Momentum Conference 2020

T-shirts at the expo at a previous Momentum conference
We are smarter stronger better together. Who can argue with that? Photo via Erin Tunnel

Of course there are all the non-quantifiable benefits of being at an event like this: new relationships, inspiration, motivation. Also, there are some very concrete things you can get while you’re there:

  • Free professional headshots: these alone offset the price of admission.
  • Social media review: have a pro take a look at your online presence and help you maximize it for results.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for many professions: who doesn’t like to come away with a little extra credit?

4. What 3 Birmingham professionals took away from Momentum’s 2018 Conference

participants at a previous Momentum conference
No that’s not a stock photo. These are real participants at Momentum’s 2018 Conference. Photo via Erin Tunnel

Sam Burn, Cayenne Creative

A staff member pointed out that 68% of Cayenne’s staff were women, and told the owners about the Momentum leadership conference. Because they want to have good leaders at all levels of their organization, it seemed like a good opportunity.

They decided to get tickets for all the women in their organization, which turned out to be three tables. Then, guess what happened? Two out of three of the male owners decided they wanted to go, too!

The biggest takeaway for me was that if we want to overcome gender inequity in the workplace, we need to develop leadership at all levels of an organization. To do that, we need to provide a track to progress that comes from both male and female business leaders. We need to ask ourselves what are we doing male or female to make the people who work with us better leaders and smarter problem solvers, and what sort of opportunities are we providing our staff to to be better tomorrow than today.

Sam Burn, Cayenne Creative

Sam thought the conference was fantastic, with top notch speakers. Everyone came back more empowered, inspired and confident.

previous Momentum conference
Momentum conferences always draw a diverse array of participants. Photo via Erin Tunnel

Barbara Perry, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

When I asked Barbara Perry what the conference was like, here’s what she said:

Refreshing. Finally, a legitimate professional conference for women. No fluffy content (“How to Rock the Business Casual Look at Work!”), but real, useful takeaways, things that I could immediately apply to my own career. Sessions that did more than just scratch the surface. When you’re there, you get the sense that WOW, we’re a powerful group. We each have stories and strengths and SO much to offer this world. We’re making big things happen just by showing up and learning together.

Here’s how her life has changed since attending the conference:

 I feel stronger and more brave—like I can face and learn from any challenge. I also just feel more rooted in my community here in Birmingham. There’s a much larger network of professional women than I ever realized existed.

Takeria N. Stephens, Regions

My life is different because the conference provided a ton of resources and I was empowered to make immediate changes such as building a stronger professional network and understanding that a work/life balance only depends on the items I think are most important and may look different for everyone. 

The conference provided many tips on navigating my professional journey from negotiation skills to networking skills that I use daily.  I was able to hear more about career struggles that woman go through as well as about challenges and opportunities we face. 

It was an exceptional experience to be a participant of the 2018 Momentum Leadership Conference and I am looking forward to the 2020 conference as well.

Martina Winston, Protective Life

The event reaffirmed my belief in the power of the women we have in this city to make big things happen. The commitment of the women in the room to help grow each other and pass it forward was really refreshing to witness.

5. Register now to guarantee your spot at Momentum Conference 2020

Momentum conference participants
You, too, could look like Charlie’s Angels strutting down the halls at Momentum Conference 2020. Photo via Liesa Cole

In previous years, the Momentum conference has sold out well in advance, so you’ll want to reserve your spot now. Here are the details:

  • Early bird registration: $360 per person before January 3rd
  • Regular registration: $450 per person after January 3rd
  • Get tickets

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