Local tech: I tried Mixtroz at a major Birmingham networking event. Here’s what happened.

Birmingham, Alabama, Momentum Leadership Conference 2019
How do you master networking in a room this size? Bham Now put the Mixtroz app to the test. Photo by Terri Robertson for Bham Now

Locally founded and minority owned, Mixtroz has sent waves rippling far beyond Birmingham. So naturally I’ve been eager to try the networking app in the wild. On March 21, I got the chance at the 2019 Momentum Leadership Breakfast.

An Introz

Mixtroz, whose name is a combo of mixer+intros (pronounced “mix-troes”), is a whole new way to connect with new people at social and professional events.

The 2019 Momentum Leadership Breakfast, which brought together more than 700 Birmingham professionals in one room at The Club, was an ideal event to put Mixtroz to the test.

Birmingham, Alabama, Momentum Leadership Conference 2019
2019Momentum Leadership Breakfast panelists (from left) J.W. Carpenter, Lee S. Price, Dawn Bulgarella and Clara Green. Photo by Terri Robertson for Bham Now

Before the panel discussion, Momentum CEO April Benetollo asked everyone to download the Mixtroz app on their smartphones. Instructions were ready and waiting on the table. (The panel discussion, BTW, focused on workplace diversity and inclusivity. Check out Bham Now’s Q&A with the distinguished panelists.)

Birmingham, Alabama, Mixtroz screenshot
Tabletop instructions on how to use Mixtroz. Photo by Terri Robertson for Bham Now

After installing the app, I enabled Mixtroz to detect my location so that it could find my event. A screen for the Momentum Leadership Breakfast popped up immediately. All I had to do was confirm.

Birmingham, Alabama, Mixtroz screenshot

The Questions

Next I created a name tag, which involved taking a selfie. Then I answered a quick multiple choice survey. The questions are chosen by event organizers, in this case Momentum, a Birmingham-based nonprofit devoted to developing women leaders in Alabama.

Questions were based on data Momentum wanted to collect, as well as qualities that would help Mixtroz match attendees with a group. For instance, what factor do you think is the biggest challenge for women in the workplace? What industry do you work in? Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Birmingham, Alabama, using Mixtroz, how to use Mixtroz, screenshot

Time to Network

Once the questions were answered, we waited for our groups to be assigned, which happened after the panel discussion and closing remarks. Then I checked the Mixtroz app, and headed to my networking group’s meeting place, Table 9.

Birmingham, Alabama, Mixtroz screenshot

I ended up in a small group with two scientists and an engineer. (Based on the fact that I’m a writer and that conversation still flowed pretty easily—I’m guessing that personality questions weighed pretty heavily in the Mixtroz matchups. Though, I can’t be sure what factored in the formula.)

Next, our networking group dove into conversation. It was fascinating to get a peek into some other industries in Birmingham and to hear different perspectives.

When the conversation turned toward childcare options when the workload cup floweth over, I was curious if anyone had used another Birmingham-based tech company, Wyndy. (The Wyndy app helps you find a vetted babysitter.) As it turns out, while no one in my group had, someone knew someone who had. And it sounds like it works.

Then we parted ways, being just a little more connected to Birmingham than we were when we arrived.


Overall, I give Mixtroz a big thumbs up, and it’s pretty neat that this app came out of Birmingham. The structure it gives you serves as an icebreaker. And it helps you meet people you might never have met at your average mixer. If you’re networking challenged (like me), it’s especially helpful.

To read more about my experiences at Momentum leadership events in Birmingham, check out six things I learned at January’s confidence workshop.

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ILEA1edit 1 Local tech: I tried Mixtroz at a major Birmingham networking event. Here's what happened.
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