This Valentine’s Day, one Birmingham game show contestant will win hearts—could it be you?

Saturn Bham
Behind this curtain lies… Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. Photo via Romantically Challenged

Pop into any friendly neighborhood grocery store and the first thing you’ll see? Red hearts filled with chocolatey goodness, giant stuffed teddy bears, maybe classic red roses being sold by the dozen.

Yes, my friends—Valentine’s Day is upon us. If the little February 14 box on your calendar is glaringly empty, never fear. We’ve got just the game show for you. Read on to learn more!

Romantically Challenged?

Saturn Bham
Who will return home as a victor—winning both the competition and the heart of a bachelor(ette)? Photo via Romantically Challenged

Looking for something different to do this Valentine’s Day? How about participating in Birmingham’s most enchanting and rambunctious dating game show?

Romantically Challenged was started in 2014… as an alternative to the chaos of the app-based and superficial modern dating world.”

Max Rykov, Host

Contestants in Romantically Challenged will answer a variety of questions and perform a host of silly challenges to win the hearts of 3 featured Bachelors and 3 Bachelorettes.

Ways to Participate

Saturn Bham
The hosts are always hilarious and energetic, and this year is no exception! Photo via Romantically Challenged

Contestants don’t actually see the bachelor or bachelorette who they’re vying to go on a date with (until a winner is revealed in each round).

Rather, they rely on personality to charm their prospective date. Think you have what it takes? Apply to be a contestant!

Not sure if you can take the heat? That’s ok. You can still get in on the fun as an audience member—tickets are only $15, and you can buy yours today.

“It’s a hilarious night of good-natured fun, and even when contestants don’t win, they report having a fantastic time and making lots of memories.

Valentine’s Day can come with a lot of pressure, and Romantically Challenged offers an escape from all that. It’s the perfect, low-stakes, high-fun night out for a group of friends.”

Max Rykov, Host

Event Details

Saturn Bham
Photo via Romantically Challenged

The event is hosted by Sharon Cocx, Reese Eve Cocx and Max Rykox. Whether you’re “romantically challenged” or not, this is the perfect way to have some fun and make a unique Valentine’s Day memory.

Check out the event page on Facebook and be sure to share with your friends! We’ll see you there—be our Valentine, Birmingham?

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