5 ways to use local salad dressings from Birmingham’s Judy T’s


local salad dressing
This delicious dish features basil and balsamic dressing from Southern Organics. Photo via Nathan Watson for BhamNow

Now that it’s cold (or is it? Make up your mind, Alabama weather), a healthy salad probably isn’t your first choice. However, that doesn’t mean you have to hide the salad dressing in the back of the refrigerator! There are a ton of recipes that utilize salad dressings. In fact, here are 5 unique ways to use Birmingham’s local salad dressings.

Let’s Start Local

First–what are we working with? Since we love to support local businesses, let’s use Judy T’s Salad Dressings.

Judy T’s Dressings are made with local ingredients from Southern Organics, a health-conscious farm in Columbiana, AL. Southern Organics specializes in aquaponics, which combines aquaculture and hydroponics in order to find the best relationship between taste and health. In fact, produce from Southern Organics is completely pesticide, herbicide and GMO free!

Southern Organics sells their retail products as Southern Fresh Produce. Here’s where you can find the products throughout Birmingham:

  • Piggly Wiggly
    • Homewood
    • Mount Laurel
    • Clairmont
    • Crestline
    • River Run
    • Bluff Park
  • Harvest Market – Brock’s Gap
  • Harvest Market – Downtown
  • Greenwise – Mountain Brook
  • Online at usetill.com

1. Fish Tacos

Local salad dressing
Crispy Fish Tacos, made even better with a Great Green Dressing cabbage slaw. Photo via Brewing Happiness

Growing up with a mom who loves all things Mexico, I’m no stranger to traditional Mexican cuisine. One of my favorites is fish tacos–the sauces, spices and limes pair so well with the marinated fish. However, did you know that you can up your fish taco game with Judy T’s Great Green Dressing?

2. Classic Caprese Pizza

Iron City Pizza uses local salad dressings from Southern Organics
A cross between pizza and caprese salad with local ingredients? Oh, yes. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Now, this one is easy–you don’t even have to cook it! Head on over to Iron City Pizza in Five Points South to try the Cahaba Caprese. Made with fresh, house-blended mozzarella, baby heirloom tomatoes and prosciutto, the Cahaba Caprese is topped off with Southern Organics live basil and drizzled balsamic from Judy T’s. Yum!

southern organics
Yes, please! The Caprese Salad at Iron City Pizza is delicious. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Bonus! If you want something a little lighter, try the Classic Caprese Salad. The freshly sliced tomatoes and seasoned mozzarella bring out the flavor in the Southern Organics live basil and Judy T’s Balsamic Dressing.

3. Chicken Marinade

green goddess chicken stock today 170110 tease 17cc41ace2348eeae1f817322c669f95.today inline large2x 5 ways to use local salad dressings from Birmingham’s Judy T’s
Use Judy T’s Great Greens dressing as a marinade and dipping sauce for your roasted chicken. Photo via Shutterstock

Want to give your roasted chicken a bit of extra flavor? Simply marinate the chicken in Judy T’s Great Greens overnight. Then, roast the chicken the next day. If you can’t get enough of the Great Greens’ flavor, use it as an easy dipping sauce!

4. Salmon

local salad dressing
This balsamic-glazed salmon is mouth-watering. Photo via Cooking Classy

As a huge fan of fish, salmon is one of my favorites. However, salmon can be bland and dry if cooked by itself.

Luckily, Judy T’s Balsamic Dressing can come in handy. Simply prepare the salmon and drizzle with the dressing. The sweet, lightly tart and tangy Balsamic Dressing brings out the best flavors from the pan seared salmon. Garnish the dish with fresh garlic and rosemary and voila, you have an easy, delicious meal!

5. Kabobs

Screen Shot 2019 12 16 at 9.38.35 AM 5 ways to use local salad dressings from Birmingham’s Judy T’s
Chicken kabobs, marinated in Great Greens Dressing. Photo via The Whole Cook

When it starts to return to grilling weather, one family favorite is a classic kabob. With a variety of meats and veggies, kabobs are delicious and guilt-free.

Building off of the chicken marinade from earlier–these kabobs use chicken chunks marinated in Judy T’s Balsamic Dressing. Then, the chicken is grilled along with zucchini, squash and onion. This dish is sure to impress the whole family!

If you want to try Judy T’s Salad Dressings from Southern Organics, pick one up at the Brock’s Gap Harvest Market or the Piggly Wiggly in Crestline or Mt. Laurel. You can also order online at www.usetill.com. Make sure to let us know what you think!

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