Last-minute Birmingham tacky sweater party? Local businesses have you covered!

Birmingham tacky sweater couple
Notice the tiny solo cup on his hat where a bell should be—that’s holiday spirit. Photo via Ugly Sweater Bar Crawls’ Facebook.

I don’t know who began the trend to start showing up to parties in the ugliest thing you own, but I’m guessing it was someone with a great PR background who knows all about rebranding .

In a season where tackiness thrives and matching is out of the question, you’re guaranteed to be invited to at least one ugly sweater holiday party.

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. There are plenty of ugly sweaters from local shops you can grab for this week’s event.

Get a tacky sweater from before ugly sweaters were a thing.

If you want to be truly authentic to your ugly sweater, check out one of the many vintage stores we have in Bham. Sure, at one point someone probably wore it not as a joke (big sorry to my grandma).

With so much waste this time of year, from temporary decorations to wrapping paper and more it’s a good time to consider more sustainable option. Instead of contributing to fast fashion, reduce, reuse and recycle that Birmingham tacky sweater!

  • Where: Zoe’s in Forest Park, 900 Clairmont Ave, Birmingham, AL 35222
  • Hours: 10AM-6PM everyday except Sunday and Monday
  • Instagram and Facebook

When the theme is tacky, but you actually want to wear it again.

The holidays are expensive enough, adding to that a sweater you probably won’t ever wear again isn’t always practical. Try going for a sweater with a hint of Christmas, and then wrap some cheap, battery powered string lights around it.

It’ll honestly look like you tried way harder than you did, and you get a cute sweater that’s rewearable throughout the season.

  • Where: Ambience, 2808 18th St S Homewood, Alabama
  • Hours: 9:30AM-7PM
  • Instagram and Facebook

DIY it at the Teen Ugly Sweater Design Party.

The Homewood Public Library is challenging 6th-12th graders to create the ugliest Birmingham tacky sweater they can possibly imagine. This one isn’t quite last-minute, but it’s more fun than running into Target (and cheaper, because we all know budgets don’t exist there).

  • Where: Homewood Public Library in the large auditorium
  • When: Tuesday, December 17
  • Time: 3:30PM – 4:30PM
  • Register here

Don’t worry about bringing anything but your creativity. All supplies provided—including sweaters.

Where did you get your Birmingham tacky sweater? Let us know on social @bhamnow!

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