3 new eateries are coming soon to The Pizitz Food Hall and we can’t wait!


Colorful plate from Ashley Mac's
A colorful plate from Ashley Mac’s = the perfect dinner. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Three new eateries are coming to The Pizitz, and we can’t wait! With fourteen food stalls and options like Pho Pho Vietnamese, Eli’s Jerusalem Grill and The Standard, it’s hard to choose what to chow down on at The Pizitz Food Hall. Soon, it’ll become even more difficult thanks to these additions: Winner Winner, Unos Tacos and Ashley Mac’s.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Pizitz Food Hall’s newest restaurants. 

So many tasty choices …

Chicken sandwich from Winner Winner
Want a bite? Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Everybody loves eating at The Pizitz Food Hall, from entrepreneurs to families.

“Over the past several years, Birmingham’s restaurant scene has grown tremendously and has continued to gain national attention for its broad range of offerings.

At The Pizitz Food Hall, we love helping up-and-coming chefs and seasoned veterans perfect their craft and elevate the overall reputation of the Magic City as a foodie haven.

We constantly seek to incorporate diverse restaurants that resonate meaningfully with the community and are excited to introduce these savory new experiences soon.”

Jessica Tante, marketing coordinator at The Pizitz

Now, meet the three newest members of The Pizitz Food Hall:

1. Winner Winner is open now at The Pizitz Food Hall

Winner Winner  is one of the new eateries at The Pizitz Food Hall
“Winner winner chicken dinner.” Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Winner Winner is an original concept coming from a well-loved local chain, Alabama Biscuit Co.

Winner Winner first joined The Pizitz Food Hall two years ago as Alabama Biscuit Co. Much to the delight of their fans, they recently added chicken to their menu and they’ve never looked back.

“Pretty much immediately after arriving at The Pizitz Food Hall, we started changing the menu,” said Jonathan Birch, owner of Winner Winner. “Winner Winner is a unique Alabama Biscuit Co. concept for The Pizitz Food Hall.”

As the menu drastically changed from other Alabama Biscuit Co. locations, Birch realized that he needed to rebrand The Pizitz location. So, he redid the menu and opened as Winner Winner.

On opening day, their line went all the way out into the street.

Chicken sandwich from Winner Winner
Mmmm, tasty. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

“The first week we reopened, we had to close every day at 2PM because we would run out of food,” Birch said.

Menu items at Winner Winner include chicken sandwiches and strips, double-fried french fries and soft-serve ice cream. These are all made with the same quality ingredients used by Alabama Biscuit Co.

“Simplicity in food is a trademark of mine,” Birch said.

Looking ahead, Birch hopes to incorporate hot chicken into the menu soon.

Winner Winner is currently open, so come on down and get your chicken on!

2. Unos Tacos plans to open early 2020 at The Pizitz Food Hall

The Louis at The Pizitz Food Hall is a favorite for the Bham Now Team
Normally you’ll find Chuy Mendez right here. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

The second new eatery to hit Pizitz dons a familiar face. 

If you’ve ever frequented The Pizitz Food Hall, then you might have seen Jesus “Chuy” Mendez, Owner and head bartender at The Louis Bar, shaking up cocktails and serving up smiles. Now, he’s finally fulfilling his dream of opening his own restaurant. 

Unos Tacos will have dishes inspired by the food of both Northern and Southern Mexico. Additionally, the food will be cooked by two people very special to Mendez. 

“All the recipes are my parents’ and my parents are also going to be the cooks, so it really is a home-grown, family-oriented establishment,” Mendez said. 

Chuy Mendez in front of Unos Tacos
Chuy Mendez in front of the future home of Unos Tacos at The Pizitz Food Hall. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

The menu will start with 3 options: tacos, quesadillas and tostadas. There are also three meat choices: steak, chicken and chorizo. 

Mendez would like to keep the menu simple for now, but eventually would like to explore incorporating new items, including burritos, pastries, a vegetarian option and even brunch options. 

By opening Unos Tacos at The Pizitz, Mendez said that he is filling a gap in Birmingham’s Northside community when it comes to Mexican food.

Overall, Mendez hopes that he might be able to grow Unos Tacos into a bigger location or even a chain someday.

“I want Unos Tacos to be bright, cultured, who I am as a person,” Mendez said. “I want this concept to be a true meal, like if you went to my parents’ house.”

Unos Tacos plans to open in in early 2020.

3. Ashley Mac’s is one of the new eateries coming to The Pizitz Food Hall in the Spring of 2020

Ashley Mac's will be at The Pizitz Food Hall soon
Cupcakes, anyone? Photo via Hannah Chambley for Ashley Mac’s

After Ashley McMakin started Ashley Mac’s as a catering company running out of her apartment, the eatery quickly grew to be a successful chain with locations all across the Birmingham area. 

Now, Ashley Mac’s is welcoming its newest family member into The Pizitz Food Hall!

“It’s a super exciting time for us,” said Molly Morrow, Marketing Director at Ashley Mac’s. “Growth is just a symbol of things going right and people liking what you do, so it’s great that we’re getting to continue to expand.”

The restaurant will have its own enclosed dining area at The Pizitz Food Hall and hopes to provide all of the same business aspects that its sister stores offer: café dining, Gourmet-To-Go options and catering options. 

“Our food is homestyle comfort, but it’s fresh and fast,” Morrow said.

Café favorites include a poppyseed chicken plate, lemon rosemary chicken and a spinach and feta tart. Gourmet-To-Go options include almond shortbread, breakfast casserole and broccoli slaw.

Ashley Mac's makes the best dinners
This could be your family with ready-to-heat dinner from Ashely Mac’s. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Morrow thinks that by opening a location at The Pizitz, Ashley Mac’s can offer something new and needed downtown. 

“With all the offices and people downtown, I think it’s so important for us to offer something where people can come in, take home a frozen meal and cook it that night for their family,” Morrow said.

Additionally, Ashley Mac’s is also considering incorporating a new lunch feature at The Pizitz location. 

“Lunch is always our busiest time, so we hope to help out with The Pizitz lunch rush,” Morrow said. “We would love to do grab-n-go lunch bags at some point.”

Ashley Mac’s plans to open in the Spring of 2020. They are currently looking to hire associates for The Pizitz location. 

Are there any other new Birmingham eateries that we should know about? Reach out to us on social @bhamnow and let us know!

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