Perfect holiday movies + food pairings. And, WIN tix to the Brrrmingham ice rink!


mint owl MGR8OcCggSs unsplash scaled Perfect holiday movies + food pairings. And, WIN tix to the Brrrmingham ice rink!
Christmas movies, cozy candles and convenient takeout. The best way to spend cold winter night. Photo via Unsplash

Spaghetti and syrup, anyone? Here’s your guide to 5 iconic holiday movies—when/where to watch them in Birmingham and the best food to order from Waitr inspired by each movie. Don’t forget to use code BHAMNOW for FREE delivery.

Not in the mood to be a couch potato? Keep reading to find out how to win tickets to Brrrmingham, the ice rink set up in Railroad Park!

Let’s Stay in, Birmingham.✨🎄

It’s cold, y’all. And I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite pastimes during the winter months is simply staying in, getting cozy, watching the best holiday movies and ordering yummy takeout. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas movie classics, where to watch them and the takeout you need to order from Waitr before you press play.

1. Home Alone + Cheese Pizza 🍕🏠

Eating cheese pizza while watching Home Alone? The icon, the legend, THE Kevin McCallister would have it no other way. Pizza is a theme throughout the movie—Once in the first scene where Kevin has the big fight with the family (which ultimately leads to his being left behind—spoiler alert), and also later in the film when Kevin gets pizza delivered while he’s home alone. It’s the best meal for sharing, and the perfect way to enjoy this Christmas classic.

2. Elf + Spaghetti 🍝 (*Syrup Not Included 🤪) 

This might seem unconventional, but if you really want to get in the Christmas spirit, you need to order spaghetti takeout. But it can’t be just any spaghetti—you need syrup. According to Buddy the Elf in the movie Elf, syrup is one of the main elfin food groups. And who am I to question him?

3. The Polar Express + Hot Hot Hot, Hot Chocolate! ☕🚂

This entire movie brings back the fondest memories for me, but in particular this hot chocolate scene. I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to be a kiddo on that train. With a dress code of PJ’s exclusively, swirling train seats and back-flipping hot chocolate chefs (???), it was so fun to imagine. So if you plan on watching The Polar Express this holiday season, make sure to have hot coco in your hands.

4. A Christmas Story + Chinese Takeout 🥡🦆

I’ll take any excuse to order Chinese takeout, let’s be real. And if you’ve seen A Christmas Story, you probably remember the scene where the neighborhood dogs eat the turkey right from the Parker’s kitchen table. They ultimately eat their Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant, so it only makes sense to eat Chinese takeout while watching this movie, right? I did say I’d take any excuse.

5. The Santa Clause + Cookies and Milk, Of Course. 🍪🥛

This combo hardly needs an explanation. I mean it’s Santa, cookies and milk. Can you name a better trio?! The idea of getting cookies delivered is mind blowing to me but it’s all possible! All you need is a tall glass of milk, fuzzy socks, probably a pine scented candle burning and the notification that your Waitr driver is on the way to reach maximum holiday happiness.

Want to Brave the Cold and Go Ice Skating in Railroad Park? Win Tickets Here! ❄️⛸️

Waitr.Brrrmingham 3 scaled Perfect holiday movies + food pairings. And, WIN tix to the Brrrmingham ice rink!
So many Brrrmingham Tickets, so little time. Photo by Beth Cunningham for Bham Now

Now that I’ve gotten you in the Christmas spirit, Brrrmingham, the ice skating rink and 15’ giant ice slide is set up in Railroad Park until January 5th, AND we’re partnering with Waitr to give away a pair of tickets to FOUR lucky winners for a ~magical~ night on the ice (value: $288) on our Instagram starting Friday, Dec. 6 and ending Monday, Dec. 9.

Birmingham, Brrrmingham Winter Adventure, ice skating, Railroad Park
Brrrmingham Winter Adventure. Photo via Railroad Park

Starting Dec. 6, Waitr will be at the park every Friday night (12/13,12/20 and 12/27) from 5-10PM with ticket specials of $2 off for anyone who downloads the Waitr App. It’s the perfect festive date night idea or girls night out, so make sure to invite your pals.

Did we miss your favorite holiday movie + food combo? Let us know on social @BhamNow!

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