10 food allergy friendly restaurants in Birmingham

Real and Rosemary is one of the food allergy friendly restaurants in Birmingham
Delicious food at Real and Rosemary. Photo from Real and Rosemary via Facebook

Are you looking for food allergy friendly restaurants in Birmingham? Not only do these restaurants provide allergy-free foods—they serve a slice of the ordinary, a plate of belonging, and a rare opportunity to feel like a normal person in a restaurant.

Here are our top 10 picks for food allergy friendly spots in Birmingham.

1. Delta Blues Hot Tamales

Delta Blues Hot Tamales is one of the food allergy friendly restaurants in Birmingham
Gluten free, vegan friend pickles. Of course. Photo from Delta Blues Hot Tamales via Facebook

Delta Blues is the place to grab a bite with food allergies. The staff is well versed in food allergy safety and the hazards of cross-contamination.

Have a peanut or sesame seed allergy? At Delta Blues you won’t find a single atom of a peanut or sesame seed. They are completely peanut and sesame seed-free.

2. Rojo is food allergy friendly

One of the tasty offerings at Rojo Birmingham. Photo from Rojo Birmingham via Facebook

Featuring a fusion of Latin and traditional American foods, Rojo has a number of menus for customers to select from, one of which is entirely gluten free.

It is important, however, to read the menu carefully—many of the gluten free items share the same oil or pan as the gluten food items.

3. Real & Rosemary

Real and Rosemary is food allergy friendly
Real and Rosemary is so pretty and has such tasty food. Photo from Real and Rosemary via Facebook

Real and Rosemary offers a brand of food that is elegant in its shimmering simplicity. What they serve is delicious food, cooked with precision and high-quality ingredients.

Out of all the gluten free items on the menu, I suggest trying the Spice Ribbed Chicken.

4. Blaze Pizza is a food allergy friendly restaurant

Blaze Pizza is food allergy friendly
Check out that pizza from Blaze. Photo from Blaze Pizza via Facebook

Check out Blaze’s allergen menu, which is completely customizable. You check a box next to each one of your allergies, and they, in turn, provide a list of foods you can eat, foods untainted by your allergens.

Did you know there are 7 spots in Birmingham where you can get gluten free pizza?

5. Big Spoon Creamery

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Doesn’t that look sooooooo good? Photo from Big Spoon Creamery via Facebook

Perhaps your palate longs for something sweet and sugary. For you, there is Big Spoon Creamery.

Well-acquainted with the perils of cross-contamination, the personnel fetch your dairy-free delicacy from a special tub in the back of the shop using a clean and gleaming scooper for your safety.

6. Steel City Pops

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So many ways to dip a pop. Photo from Steel City Pops via Facebook

Continuing with the dessert theme, next on my list is Steel City Pops. Gourmet and grace on a thin wooden popsicle stick sounds odd, but this is exactly what Steel City Pops manages to accomplish.

Not a single popsicle they sell contains any gluten, and the various fruit flavors they offer are dairy free.

7. Golden Temple Health Foods & Cafe

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A tasty burrito at the Golden Temple. Photo from Golden Temple Health Foods and Cafe via Facebook

The Golden Temple doubles as a café and a natural grocery market. The store sells solely vegetarian items, which means by definition that there are no dairy food products. In addition to being devoid of dairy, the Golden Temple has an extensive collection of gluten-free foods.

8. New China Town

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“Gourmande” – art by Véro on local menus at ARTWALK! Photo from Facebook

9. The Thirsty Donkey

Thirsty Donkey Exterior Jon Eastwood 10 food allergy friendly restaurants in Birmingham
The Thirsty Donkey in Avondale. Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now

Have a hankering for Chinese? Make a trip to New China Town located in Five Points South.

Boasting a vegetarian special, customers can collaborate with the culinary team to swap out ingredients and modify the menu for the perfect allergy free dining experience.

10. Los Amigos

IMG 0255 10 food allergy friendly restaurants in Birmingham
Los Amigos porch in Lakeview District. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Many of the Thirsty Donkey’s foods are already veggie based or vegan friendly.

When you notify the staff of any allergies, they quickly adapt their dishes to suit your allergic needs.

Now tell us, Birmingham, what are your favorite allergy free restaurants? Tag us on social @bhamnow and let us know!

This piece was written by Mitchell Goodbar and produced by Sharron Swain for Bham Now.

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