3 ways a built-in entertainment center can jazz up your Birmingham home


Photo of Tim Meehan in front of his  built-in entertainment center by Closets by Design
Tim Meehan in the home where he grew up. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

About a decade ago, Tim Meehan inherited the Homewood home where he grew up. To update the home his parents bought back in 1957, he reached out to Closets by Design to design and build a new entertainment center.

This entertainment center helped provide the centerpiece of a home-wide renovation that’s bringing all the charm of his childhood home into 2019. Need a project done for your home? Check out Closets by Design.

1—A built-in entertainment center provides a focal point for the living room.

built-in entertainment center by Closets by Design
Imagine if your living room was this tidy. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Think of all the things that go into making a living room feel like home. Most people want a television, some books, family photos and collectibles.

You want to be able to sit down with the people you love and watch a movie, enjoy a game or maybe catch the news.

I for one know that if we had an entertainment center like this, my kids would be soooo excited to plop down on the sofa every Saturday night for family movie nights. And I would be so happy because it would look so fabulous.

Having a place for all the books that are special to you and your loved ones makes everything feel nice and organized, and it’s a lovely way to show your friends what you’re about.

A built in entertainment center gives everything a home, and provides a sense of order to the entire room. When everything has its place, and is pretty to look at, it’s so much easier to sit down and enjoy the space.

2—Bookshelves in the built-in entertainment center create organization and spaces for personal touches.

built-in entertainment center by Closets by Design
All the pretty things. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Bookshelves can provide a sense of order and a point of interest in a room. Whether you’re someone like me who has every inch of space crammed full of books, or whether you like to mix the occasional book with other things, there’s so much room for creativity.

There’s just something so visually satisfying about looking at nicely organized shelves. You have the perfect setup for displaying collections of books, photos, art, plants and more.

Plus, if you’re like my Mom, who collects all the Santas, you’ll have the perfect place to display all your holiday decor.

A built-in entertainment center with room for the TV, bookshelves and cabinets transforms a generic living room into a space where you can showcase your own personality and interests—great for starting conversations with guests who come into your home.

3—Cabinets help you keep things organized and out of sight.

built-in entertainment center with cabinets
See those cabinets? That’s where you store all the things you don’t want anybody to see. But then, you already knew that. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Of course, some of the things that make life fun just don’t look that great when they’re on display.

Even if you’ve KonMari’d your house and kept only the things that spark joy, there are some things you just want to have a home that’s a little more private than your wide-open bookshelves.

All those fishing magazines, board games or even your old VHS tapes (if you have them) can be tucked away out of sight, but still close at hand with built-in cabinets.

If you’re wanting to increase the value of your home in Birmingham, why not add a built-in entertainment center? It could go in your living room, your bedroom, your basement or your man-cave.

Wherever you put it, though, you’ll be sure to enjoy the sense of order and focus it brings to your home.

Call today to see what Closets by Design can do for you: 866.758.1967.

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