Birmingham Central Market opens for business October 30, 11AM. 3 reasons we’re delighted

Fresh veggies
Fresh veggies are so good for you. Photo from Pepper Place Market via Facebook

The Birmingham Central Market will open October 30 with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11AM in the BJCTA Intermodal Facility downtown.

This will be a big deal for the 2,500-11,000 public transit riders who come through each day—and for anyone who works in downtown Birmingham. Here’s why we can’t wait.

1—Birmingham Central Market will help with the city’s food desert challenges

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While parts of Birmingham enjoy an overabundance of fresh, tasty food and award-winning restaurants, there are still plenty of people in the area who don’t have ready access to things like fresh fruits and veggies.

Convenience stores, yes, but when was the last time you picked up an apple at a place that sold Doritos or pork rinds? Exactly.

The City Council recently passed an amendment to increase access to healthy foods in Birmingham. And, the new market will make a big difference. Travelers will be able to buy fresh fruits, veggies, eggs and honey.

Who’s behind this effort?

  • $50,000 initial grant from Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs to City of Birmingham
  • $100,000 additional funding from City of Birmingham
  • $50,000 from BJCTA toward construction
  • $43,000 in-kind donations to make the idea real

2—Birmingham Central Market will be so centrally located, it’ll be hard to miss it

Because the market will be located in the Intermodal Facility, it’ll be on the daily path of thousands of folks who commute to and from different parts of the city for work. It’ll also be easy for anyone who works downtown to pop by.

It’ll be so easy to grab something quick and healthy on the way home from work. How’s that for a different kind of convenience store?

Here’s what Mayor Woodfin had to say about the market:

Our hope is that by opening the Central Market at the MAX Central Station, Birmingham residents will find it easier to access the fresh food they need for themselves and their families. But this market isn’t just for MAX riders, it is for the entire city.  We know that if barriers are removed to make it easier to access fresh and affordable food, we will have a healthier community.

3—Birmingham Central Market will give our region’s farmers another opportunity to get to know people in Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama Farmer's Market, Birmingham Farmer's Markets
Anyone in the mood for cole slaw? Photo via Alabama Farmer’s Market

There’s something about knowing who’s growing your food that’s just good for the soul. Part of the fun of going to farmers markets is developing these kinds of real relationships with the people who literally put food on our tables.

If the Intermodal Facility’s not on your daily route, check out our guide to 15 farmers markets here, or our guide to farmers markets west of 65 here.

Stop by the new Birmingham Central Market at the BJCTA Intermodal Facility starting October 30 at 11AM. The market will be open Monday through Friday 12:30-5:30PM. Cash, credit cards and EBT accepted.

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