3 vintage inspired costume ideas from Birmingham shops.

vintage halloween costumes
Co-owner of Manitou Supply, David Brown, embodies the spirit of Halloween while paying tribute to the Tide with this spooky ensemble. Photo via Manitou Supply on Instagram.

Shopping local for this year’s Halloween costume is a great way to support Birmingham businesses and do the planet a favor at the same time. 

It reduces the environmental waste caused by fast fashion and leaves you with re-wearable pieces. Check out these authentic ideas put together from local vintage stores.

1. Vintage inspired Halloween costume idea: “Celebrating 50 years of Woodstock” by Saguaro Shoppe

Vintage inspired Halloween costume
1970s hooded bohemian jacket with fringe detail, 1970s high waisted flared Levi’s, 1970s wooden platforms, 1970s tooled leather. Photo via Britt Terrell for Bham Now.

Just in time for Woodstock’s anniversary this looks pays homage to five decades since concert tickets were $18 and it wasn’t possible to re-live the show through someone else’s Snapchat story.

My favorite halloween costume was my two years in a row of Twiggy. For a few years I sported a platinum pixie cut, and while my closet was already saturated with mod 60’s pieces- it seemed the most effortless option. So much so, most people thought I’d opt out of dressing up at all. 

Britt Terrell, Owner of Saguaro Shoppe

Saguaro Shoppe is an online vintage clothing store that started in May of 2018. Owner Britt Terrell sells vintage from the 1930s-1990s, but focuses on her favorite decades for fashion, the 1960s and 70s. 

Saving clothes from extinction, Britt’s favorite part about shopping vintage is providing a second life for the pieces and a second chance at love. You can view her rescues and shop directly from Instagram @saguaroshoppe.

2. “80s Bro Outfit” by Manitou Supply Avondale

Vintage inspired Halloween costume
1980s acid wash Levi’s 550 , 1980s teal sweatshirt, 1980s shiny nylon windbreaker, 1980s Coca-Cola trucker hat. Photo via Luciana Giovinazzo for Bham Now.

Stepping a few decades back from the 80s, if  co-owner Luciana Giovinazzo had all the supplies and time in the world her ideal Halloween costume would be an all black and white film noir character.

Manitou Supply, located in Avondale, specializes in sustainable vintage apparel. It offers basic and casual wear ranging from the 60s through the 90s. If you can’t make it to the store, head to @manitousupply on Instagram or www.manitousupply.com .

3. Vintage inspired Halloween costume: “60s Groovy Girl” by Manitou Supply Avondale

Vintage inspired Halloween costume
1960s flared jeans, 1960s mod blouse, yellow round shades. Photo via Luciana Giovinazzo for Bham Now.

I like to think if Peggy Olson ever escaped the office for a road trip, this is what she would’ve worn. Maybe there’s an idea for a spinoff?

Finding something that is completely one of a kind, that we know no one else will have. And the peace of mind that we are supporting sustainability.

Luciana Giovinazzo, co-owner of Manitou Supply, on her favorite part of shopping vintage

These looks are definitely a step up from my last minute Ariana Grande costume. The giant sweatshirt and a high pony led most people to ask why I didn’t dress up and for me to go home early.

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