9 reasons to check out Cahaba Heights, including a new spa

Everything bagel with lox and cream cheese from Cahaba Heights' Crestline Bagel.
Bagels as they should be, with lox, cream cheese and more. Photo from Crestline Bagel via Facebook

Cahaba Heights is a fun little area tucked in between Mountain Brook, Vestavia and Birmingham’s Cahaba community. You can eat barbecue and delicious carbs there if you’re in the mood. You’ll also find some sweet restaurants, markets and boutiques.

Plus, there’s family-style yoga, and there’s about to be a day spa. Not to mention the most luscious yarn and fabric store you’ve ever seen. We’ve got all the details for you here in case you need some motivation to check out Cahaba Heights for yourself.

1—The Retreat Day Spa is having a ribbon cutting September 4 at noon

If you’ve ever driven down Old Overton Road from Liberty Park towards Grants Mill Road, you couldn’t help but notice The Retreat Day Spa tucked away across the street from the llamas.

But even if you never made that drive, you’re gonna want to know about this place that’s about to have its grand opening in Cahaba Heights because . . . couples’ massages. Need I say more? Seriously, they have a lot of other things on offer, and they’ll add to the chill vibe in their new neighborhood.

Grand Opening is Thursday, September 26, 4-8PM. Follow them here for updates.

2—Ryan Reeve Boutique has fun clothes

Though The Summit is literally right up the hill, sometimes it’s fun to check out a little boutique. This one is right next to The Retreat Day Spa’s new home. You need to check out their Instagram for the shoes alone.

3—Villager Yoga in Cahaba Heights has something for everyone, including moms and kids

Mom and kid yoga at Villager Yoga in Cahaba Heights.
Yoga with little ones can be so much fun. Photo from Villager Yoga via Facebook

Villager Yoga has been in the neighborhood for a few years now, offering yoga for everyone from moms and toddlers to folks who enjoy chair yoga. They even have self-study classes for people who want to practice at home.

4—Leaf ‘n Petal can make your home, yard or business look amazing

Plants at Leaf 'n Petal in Cahaba Heights
Isn’t this the cutest little Wellie you’ve ever seen? Photo from Leaf ‘n Petal via Facebook

Leaf ‘n Petal opened up a new location downhill from their old spot and got a major style upgrade at the same time. It’s gorgeous inside and out, and they’ll help you find all the things you need to make your home, business or yard look as fabulous as you know they can.

5—Crestline Bagel has super-tasty treats

Sesame bagels at Cahaba Heights' Crestline Bagel.
Sesame bagels are one of my favorites. Photo from Crestline Bagel via Facebook

Although lots of people are eating low carb these days, there are still plenty of people who love a great bagel. Crestline Bagel‘s Cahaba Heights location has just what you need. You can eat inside or head out to the outdoor eating area where you can be surrounded by Leaf ‘n Petal’s beautiful plants.

6—Milo’s Hamburgers is coming to the old Rite Aid in Cahaba Heights

Milo's Hamburgers is coming to Cahaba Heights soon.
Before long you’ll be able to eat at Milo’s Hamburgers in Cahaba Heights. Photo from Milo’s Hamburgers via Facebook

The old Rite Aid on Crosshaven closed a while back and the spot’s been vacant for a while. Soon, though, you’ll be able to go and get your Milo’s Hamburgers there. There will be other retail buildings in that space, but we’re not sure what yet.

7—Holla for challah at Chabad of Alabama

Everything challah in Cahaba Heights at Chabad of Alabama
Freshly-baked challah at Chabad of Alabama. Photo by Sharron Swain for Bham Now

If you haven’t tried Chabad of Alabama’s challah, you don’t know what you’re missing. This braided eggy bread is a staple on tables in Jewish homes on Friday nights, and makes the best French toast ever. Pronounced like “holla” you can find it fresh baked at Chabad on Fridays only from about 11AM until it runs out (usually around 4ish).

8—Alabama Biscuit Company because look at that picture

Pecan and syrup covered biscuit at Alabama Biscuit Company in Cahaba Heights.
Who wouldn’t want to eat a biscuit that looked like that? Photo from Alabama Biscuit Company via Facebook

If that biscuit drenched in syrupy goodness and pecans doesn’t make you want to check out Alabama Biscuit Company (right next to Miss Myra’s), I don’t know what will.

9—In the Making has dreamy fabrics and yarns in Cahaba Heights

Fabric in Cahaba Heights at In the Making.
Look at all that fabric. Photo from In the Making via Facebook

This little hidden gem is tucked away on Dolly Ridge Road, near Cahaba Heights Elementary. If you’ve ever wanted to make a quilt or knit a hat, this is the place you need to go. Their fabrics and yarns are simply stunning.

Yarn in Cahaba Heights at In the Making.
These are just some of the incredible yarns at In the Making. Photo from In the Making via Facebook

Cahaba Heights has become way more than a sleepy little suburb downhill from The Summit. We’ve given you 9 reasons to check it out.

Now tell us yours: what are your favorite spots in Cahaba Heights?

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